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  1. Is it possible to play MP3 jukebox DVD, infact any kind of DVD with mp3 files in it, in 2007 GX470? Mine plays MP3 CDs but not the DVD with mp3. Thanks
  2. the pdfs are posted on Page 19, thanks to mann777, It took me well over 90 minutes to read from start to end ( all the posts of this thread). So, I am including the pdfs here anyway if anyone reading random pages. I too have both Clunk issue and 55-75MPH vibration issue on my '07 GX470 with 54K miles on it(just bought pre-owned from a remote non-Lexus dealer), hoping mann777 posted TSBs will fix my issues. I will try to call the local Lexus dealer tomorrow and see if I can get them fixed. I hope mine are covered as the TSBs say 72K or 7Years(72 Months). and couple of questions about the vibration TSB, does it have to be under the floorboard because in the TSB in mentions under diagnostic procedure that," Confirm customer complaint of vibration/drone felt in the floorboard or seat between 55 -- 75 mph by test driving the vehicle and note the speed range in which the vibration/drone occurs." I am not quite sure if I feel under the floorboard but my steering vibrates/vobbles like anything between those speeds, I feel like the whole car is vibrating. I feel this vibration in my car is between 60-75MPH, does that mean I have both the problems mentioned in the TSB, i.e. 55-65MPH and 70-75MPH, ? and why is 65-70MPH not covered in the TSB? I think I have the issue between these speeds too I guess. is there any chance that they may deny as not being the floorboard and classifying as a different issue and try to rob me? Thanks in advance. CLUNK_TSB_2008.pdf Steering_Drive_Line_Vibration_issue_Feb_2008.pdf
  3. Mann, I feel the same vibration 70mph, I don;t think I have any warranty but according the doc you attached, I am below 70000 miles and 72 months from MFGdate. so, what should I do? can I just take it to any lexus dealer to have it fixed for free? Or do I have to pay for it, how much does it cost if so? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply mann, As I have mentioned it's not really rotten smell or anything like that but something strange lemony kind. and I am already using 92Ocatane fuel, may be this time I will change Gas Station and see if it makes any difference. and I will try your suggestions about lysol spray too. you said,"try changing the fuel iso the regualar one", did you mean to suggest me to change the fuel to regular one istead of 92Ocatane, please let me know if thats what you meant, if so, I will try the 87 Ocatne as well.
  5. I feel somekind of smell inside 2007 GX470 when AC outside circualation ON, but not able to correlate to any of the smells mentioned on this site that are talking about H2S, sulpher rotten egg smells coming from catalic converters or what ever. The smell I feel is not really rotten or absurd but definitely something strange. Since I bought this vehicle new, first I thought there must be somekind of airfreshener installed somewhere because I felt it like a lemon smell. However, after a couple of days, It's not a good lemon smell anymore!!!! is this realted to sulpher/H2S smell or is there really an airfreshener that is installed somewhere in a place that I am not aware of? is there a special airfreshener place for Lexuses or GX470's? Thanks
  6. 5-6 times out of how many times? do you shift right after you start the vehicle, I could be wrong but, I wouldn't recommend it regardless of lexus unless you start to drive within half hour(I mean before the engine is cold all the way down) of your previous stop. if you start your vehicle from dead cold then atleast give it a minute, this applies to any vehicle, not only for this issue but, in general for the good caring of the car. as well as don;t start the car until all the intial battery beeping stops.