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  1. Mike, I've replace my rear bearing on my 2005 LS430. I'm not a mechanic, by trade, but I have always figured that if you really screw it up, you can always pay for someone to fix it. Best I can remember: 1) I took the wheel and brake caliper off. 2) I had to remove the tie-rods (or whatever you call the tubes that connect to the shock). After that, my memory fades on me, but I will say that two things really stick out: 1) The "dust shield" (which is the metal piece on the back of the hub eventually separated from the hub. My car came from up north, so it was almost like it was welded o
  2. My rear end was making a low frequency wining noise. I realized that it was probably the hub, because I put the can in neutral at 60mph, and the noise continued. I suspected it was from the left side, because when I took at turn to the left (which took the load off the left) the noise almost went away. Turns to the right added more force on the right, so the noise was a little worse. The entire assembly (hub and bearing) cost about $280 (including shipping). The hardest part was getting the entire hub off the axle. This probably could have been prevented had I known that the ABS sensor c
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