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  1. Thanks, that does show me where all of the screws are, but it doesnt really answer my question. Can I just remove the screws and pull the panel off? Or is there something else I need to know? Im sure this is a ridiculous newbie question, but well.................thats me!
  2. I want to check out the stock speaker location. Ive found the two covered screws in front, and the other obvious screws. Is there anything else I need to know? Anything with the door handle? Just dont want any surprises if I unscrew the panel.
  3. Unfortunately I wont get around to doing this until sometime early next year. Im pretty sure that I will be going with Andrew Vlamos' OEM spec bushings. More expensive, but dont need the regreasing that the Daizens will eventually require, and will return the car back to its original form. Smooth ride, no squeeking. I think I will just rely on springs and shocks to upgrade the handling.
  4. www.powerhouseracing.com About $10,000 for 450 rwhp. If your current engine is in good shape, I think most people here would suggest you go na->t. About half the price and it can yield the same gains.
  5. Im trying to fit 6.5" CDT CL-61A's up front in my '95 SC300. The stock speakers in the doors are 4". What would be the best approach for cosmetics and sound quality? I assume Ill use the stock location for the 1" tweets.
  6. I was planning on getting the split 5 bar 18" SSR wheels for my SC300. The $2500 it would cost for wheels+tires seems like a fair price for the lightweight stylish wheels but its just outta my cost range right now while im still in school. My question is, which of the cheaper wheels are the best quality? I would like to spend $200-$250 per wheel. Which brand would you guys recomend? Ive definetely seen some 5zigens and Enkeis that I like the look of (obviously not as light as the SSR though), but I dont know anything about the build quality of these companies. Thanks Richard
  7. $7,000!? Thats quite a steal! Congratulations.
  8. I need some advice on the bushings. I hear great things about both the Daizens Polyurethane and Andrew Vlamos' OEM spec bushings. I also see a lot of complaints about polyeurethane bushings due to the need to grease them and squeaky ride. Are these complaints about the polyurethane bushings relevant to Daizens? Or is there something about Daizens that makes them able to overcome these problems?
  9. The iRotors are cross drilled. I would go with the Supra upgrade though if you have wheels that can fit the larger calipers.
  10. Ive got little 16" wheels right now and cant afford to get the lightweight 18" I want just yet. So that limits my choices of brake upgrades.
  11. Oops, should have noticed that. Thanks. So it should look like this. Suspension ( all from TM Engineering ): $224.95 - Eibach Springs $99.95 - Daizen Control Arm Bushings, Front $159.95 - Daizen Control Arm Bushings, Rear $69.95 - Tokico Front X 2 $69.95 - Tokico Rear X 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $764.65 + tax/shipping
  12. This is my shopping list at the moment. Let me know if you notice anything I might be doing wrong in choice of vendors, or the components themselves. Brakes ( Front rotors are on their last turn ): $129.00 - Front Rotor ( www.iRotors.com ) $25.00 - Zinc Plating ( www.iRotors.com ) $89.00 - EBC Greenstuff Pads, Front ( www.tirerack.com ) $123.00 - Stainless Steel Lines ( www.tirerack.com ) ~$60 - OEM rear pads ( wherever ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $426.00 + tax/shipping Suspension ( all from TM Engineering ): $224.95 - Eibach Springs $99.95 - Daizen Control Arm Bushings, Front $159.95 - Daizen Control Arm Bushings, Rear $69.95 - Tokico Front $69.96 - Tokico Rear -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $624.75 + tax/shipping Am I missing anything? Would you advise me against any of these purchases?
  13. Im sorry for my ignorance, but are the bushings just a part of the control arm? Id get under my car and try to figure it out, but its raining.
  14. http://www.tmengineering.net/suspension/br...en/make/sc.html Im going to buy the eibach lowering springs with the tokico shocks. Ive heard that it would be best to replace the control arms on my high mileage car while im at it. Im a little confused about which of those components I will need though......
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