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  1. OK, it sounds like I need to replace the blower motor resistor, does anyone know where it's located on the 1997 LX450? Thanks in advance!
  2. My 1997 LX450 has developed an odd problem, the blower only blows when set on high, the other 3 settings don't work, but otherwise it works fine. It's a minor problem, more of an annoyance, but if anyone has dealt with it and has a fix, I'd appreciate it, thanks!
  3. Thanks again, I disconnected the phone and still no luck, and not sure I'd know the starter cut relay if I did find it, so I will just punish myself for being an idiot and tow it to a pro Monday. I do appreciate the feedback, thanks!
  4. Thanks so much for the reply, unfortunately, I did cut the cable, sounds like that was a huge mistake, because now I am completely stuck and the vehicle is disabled. I will definitely ask the question here first befire I do my next stupid move. I actually reattached all the wires afterwards, with no luck, and after trying anything and everything else I can think of, I am prety much stuck. Any chance you have heard about how the other folks who made the same mistake proceeded? Again, appreciate the help, the diagram seems to make sense, but I think tracking down a short might be beyond my capabilities.
  5. Any help is appreciated, just purchased a new-to-me 1997 LX450, started fine this morning, then after I removed the factory phone (just to get some needed console room), and not the car will NOT start. Key turns, all electronics work (battery is brand new), but engine does not crank, and I can't get the vehicle out of park, which is what makes me think it has something to do with a security immobilizer of some kind (I understand could be complete coincidence). Local Lexus dealer is absolutely no help, if anyone has any ideas, I really appreciate it, thanks!