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  1. Hello Folks, I have a 2005 LX470 with 145K miles on it. Love the ride, however recently I ran into rear suspension problem where the rear of the truck has bottomed down and will not rise. My mechanic has the techstream computer that he hooked up to the truck however there are no error codes. he went step by step and finally found out that the oil was not being pumped into the rear shocks. So far this is what has been done to the vehicle: 1. Changed rear accumulators -both 2. Changed the Suspension control valve which pushes the oil into all 4 wheels. however the truck still does not lift. Finally yesterday we replaced the suspension Computer/ECU-. However when he started the truck the truch still wont lift. The front suspension works fine with no issues. Is there a certain procedure we need to follow after replacing the AHC suspension ECU/computer? does the system needs to be reset properly. The mechanic says that the rear height control sensor is fine. He also said that the problem does not seem to be mechanical but either electrical or with some kind of electronics. Any help suggestion would be appreciated.
  2. I have a 2005 LX470 and I just got my tires replaced Michelin Harmony HP (HP=high Performance). I would go with the factory installed Tires. Michelins are pretty good tires. I know the tire shop will try to sell you anything and everything.... but in my experience Michelin is a good tire. But then there are many good tires in the market. I hope this helps.
  3. Before you mess with the "dirty switch", put the left/right switch in the middle position. Then use the "fold in fold back" mirror switch to the right of the left/right switch to cause the mirrors to fold to the side of the car. It is possible the mirrors need to be "re-set". After you have folded the mirrors to the side of the car with the switch a couple of times, then try to see if you can now adjust the mirrors properly. If someone has tried to move your mirrors by hand from the outside of the car, your mirrors may need to be "re-set" using the fold back switch. Thanks exactly what happened to my passenger side mirror. I will try this method. Thanks for posting.
  4. 2005 LX470 Blizzard Perl: 70,000 miles. Love the ride. Dealer maintained. Though dont know if its all worth it. Only time will tell.
  5. Also being recalled in the U.S. are 39,000 Lexus luxury model LX 470s for the 2003-2007 model years because of a steering shaft problem, which is different from the Avalon steering problem, according to Toyota. Lexus Canada says only about 520 LX 470’s sold in Canada were affected, the company will begin sending out notification to owners of involved vehicles by mail beginning in mid-August.