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  1. Thanks for the reply and info. I think if you did this a few times, it would be pretty fast job. Can't imagine why they want $1200 to do it!! I would do them for that price too!!
  2. I am going to do a timing belt replacement, and need some info. Can someone out there tell me wether the bolt on the crankshaft pulley is righthand or lefthand threads? Thanks CBUM
  3. We will try not to get that big red Ford and the Lexus mixed up!!
  4. Thank You all for the responses, I have found the parts on line and have ordered them. Am looking forward to getting this job takeen cre of, it is past time to do it. With a little help from my Grandson, a diesel mechanic, sould not take to long.
  5. I am getting ready to do the timing belt service and have been told to be sure to use OEM parts. Have found different parts online that say OEM parts. How do I tell what is actually OEM parts? Or what brand is OEM? Any input is welcome. Thanks CBUM
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