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  1. I don't know how to post a pic of my whip for sale. Anyone that's interested can either show me how to upload or I can email the pics. KK
  2. High miles driver with 282k. Timing belt serviced in 2007 at 204k. Good title. Has AIR RIDE SUSPENSION PACKAGE. Heated front seats. High miles driver. Runs and drives . Power steering pump may leak some. Environmental LCD display is not legible. Has air ride suspension package. New front upper control arms with ball joints on both sides have been installed. The following factory parts have been changed: Timing belt , distributor caps and distributor rotors, spark plugs , plug wires set, main cooling fan bearing assembly. All air suspension air bag units have been replaced at some point dur
  3. Valves got bent on a 2000 LS400,due to timing belt running a few teeth out of time on the drivers side cylinder head. Oil leak may have prompted the vvti to run out of time, and then the wrong oil weight was put in the engine, 20w-50, which jacked up the oil pressure and put the cam out of phase and bent the valves. Hence, I removed the drivers side cylinder head. While removing the cams, i did not make a mark on the cam gears while they were in mesh. How can I get them back in time and reinstalled? Are there marks of anykind to go by when reinstalling? The older first gen LS400 non vvt
  4. Took the car to Billy's Toyota Parts, in Calera, Alabama. He sold me a used transmission with low miles, very low miles, and installed it. The owner picked up the car and I followed her home about 40 miles away. Now she says her check engine light is on and VSC light is on also. What or how do i check codes. Is it possible to check codes like on OB2 cars like an LS400? Thanks for any advice. She said she never uses low grade gas, and the gas cap was on tight.
  5. A friend of mine has a 2007 ES350, black with black leather interior. She states her car is stuck in forward gear only, even when car is off, will not go into neutral for the wrecker driver to roll it backwards out of her basement parking spot. She has a huge incline driveway to her house, and she said she barely got it up that to park it in the basement. She states that the car has 112,000 miles on it. While driving on the road she says it started to only work in forward gears, then would not back up at all, then would stop driving all together, but would drive again after it cooled off
  6. My car has air ride suspension, and when the back end dropped on mine, i had to replace just one of the rear air bag struts. My car is a 1992 LS400. I did not know Lexus offered Air Ride Suspension on the newer LS400's 1995 and later. Please feel free to post more about your car. I also tried unplugging the air ride computer several times and plugging it back in with the car running (computer located in right rear trunk side wall, above the CD-changer, for 1992 LS400) Also the main solonoid valve on the plastic drier tank , just after the hose from the pump, sometimes gets stuck. I too
  7. The 1991 LS400 is now fixed. I put a set of old OEM plug wires on it from my 1992 LS400, and now it has more power and drives alot better. Thanks for all the posts and I hope this post shows that cheapy plug wires that come apart when pulled on to change the spark plugs are not usuable on these cars, incase anyone ever buys a car with these crappy wires installed... Use OEM wires, even old OEM wires are better than the cheap ones. Peace Out.
  8. I have attempted to repair my odometer in my 1992 LS400. I have photos of my attempt, detailed. Showing the crack in the first driven gear by the worm gear from the electric motor on the odometer assembly. The first driven gear is a 10-tooth gear with a slight angle in the teeth to match up with the worm drive gear on the electric motor. If this 10-tooth gear cracks, the splines on the tiny shaft that this gear rides on does not engage the gear, and hence the shaft stays motionless while the worm drive gear continues to rotate in one place on the 10-tooth gear. My attempt to slide the 1
  9. i played with the RPM needle and it somehow works.. I wish the site had more info on exactly how to do the needle realignment. reading the text below the pic is not much help. But somehow i got it working from reading the text. Im starting to get frustrated with the durability of my LS400. I thought surely it could handle a jump with the suspension on High. Then again, i should be easy on a 20 plus year old car.
  10. I guess if I was gonna fix that, I'd roll it back a few miles or so while I was at it. My odemeter quit counting at 257667, then started counting again till it got to 257706. I took it out to inspect. It looks fine. Bulb was burned out silver looking after pealing off the blue bulb condom, LOL!! What can I do to test it? There are like 4 very tiny wires going to that electric motor that drives the odometer. Can power be applied to it manually to see if it even turns? My digital trip meters are all still working fine, so I dont think anything is wrong with any sensors on the transmi
  11. Do you know how to fix the RPM Needle that sits below zero after I caused the car to jump a dip/spillway for a lake at a golf course near my house. I saw the post on here, or another forum, saying to pull the needle out until you hear a click, then rotate the needle clockwise till another click is heard then release. test by moving the needle to 3000 then releasing. Should stop on zero after releasing from 3000. If anyone knows the place where that post was or exactly how to retime the RPM needle, please post for me or direct me to the thread..
  12. most likely the upper control arm ball joints are bad. to replace them you have to buy the whole upper control arm, which comes with the ball joint as its all made into one peice. I need one on my 1992 as well on the right front. I think the lower control arm has a ball joint on it as well, so check with sewell to see the diagram/parts exploded view. My car makes a bumping sound as well, harder to hear it bump when on the interstate at speed. Going over bumps at slow speeds makes it easier to hear and feel the noise. My car has over 257,000 miles on it.
  13. 1992 Lexus LS400, with Air Ride Suspension. Drove the car fast through a lake spill-way/ Dip, with the suspension on High/raised up. The Car bottomed out on the landing side of the spill-way. I know one of the rear tires got off the ground cause i heard the RPM Rise. With all that said, I now know what kind of force it takes to make an LS400 RPM Needle get knocked off and go below Zero while the car is still running. Now that is the problem with this car, along with the Odometer now not counting miles anymore, along with the Air Bag Warning Light coming on as well. I hit the dash with th
  14. Idle is now fixed, larger bearing in AICV was frozen, used AEROKROIL/ (WD-40) type stuff to free it. Lubed the shaft with Petroleum jelly before putting the bearings and magnet back onto the jack-screw. ALSO ADJUSTED THE TPS SENSOR WITH THE HELP FROM LEXLS.COM. (I used a standard injector connector from an old Nissan to plug into the two bottom terminals on the TPS sensor. I had to cut off all the outer part of the injector connector to expose just the two female pins housed in the immediate surrounding plastic of the connector. Then was able to attach test leads to the modified injector co
  15. I am about to try the tutorial on TPS adjustment. I just now finished with the Fuel Filter install, and about to put the dash cluster back in place since i just put the TACH needle back at Zero. I read on Lextreme how to fix the needle, and now can't find that thread again on exactly how to fix that needle. I fixed it from memory, should have saved that page as a book mark. I could have seen it on this forum, but it was late last night,and i can't remember. Also i have the IACV off the car, and taking it apart now. In an hour or so, I will be starting it up with this round of t
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