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  1. I took my 2006 GS430 on 12/14/09 for the 60k service with a few issues: pulling to the right (blamed on run flat tires), brake squeak (said pads were OK), rear view mirror looking like an etch-a-sketch (heard about a few of these, but too bad, out of warranty and $1500 to replace). They recommended that I call Lexus about the mirror for help. In the meantime, I had the car detailed and carpets cleaned. Soon after, I noticed the carpet was not drying, and we checked for sunroof leaks, etc. I read about the a/c leak on this forum, and took it in to the shop, knowing a dealer repair would not be cheap, but having had recent service I wanted to see what they would do. They determined that, yes, I do have an a/c leak, but it was impossible for them to find during a regular service because it is located behind the dash. They said they would contact the Lexus advocate on this issue, and the rear-view mirror. After five days of deliberation, the national Lexus advocate declined to help on both issues. The local advocate said they would take care of half of one of the issues: either the $1500 mirror or the $3100 a/c fix and carpet replacement. I opted for the a/c repair and carpet replacement. Comments?