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  1. Thanks for the help. My 2004 LS430 had the steering wheel stuck in the lowest position, and was not moving up or down. I had an estimate of $961 to fix this. They claimed the motor is bad and needed to change. I just didn't think I wanted to spend that much for the inconvenience of having it be too low. I actually opened the casing around the steering wheel, found the shaft of the tilt motor. There was also an allen head screw or bolt, I just loosened it a bit, then with a needle nose pliers, twisted the shaft by hand and saw the steering wheel go up. I kept doing it, got it all the way up. Then a surprise, I turned the ignition on, and then the tilt started to work. I tried a few times, it works, but I'm not pushing my luck, so it is just in the 95% up position, it is very comfortable. Thanks to all the contributors that gave me the idea of doing it.
  2. Yes, indeed welcome to the club Bertha. That happened to me a couple of years back. I tried all sorts of things, even took it to a guy that could troubleshoot at component level (taking off chips and soldering new ones etc). The amp had failed. The dealer wanted almost $2000 for it, so it was not an option. I even looked into replacing the stereo system alltogether, then I found a local Lexus shop, for $400 they sent the unit into a refurbishing place, and got one in return. He plugged it in, and everything is great (except the volume on the steering wheel doesn't work, but I can just reach over and raise the volume). Let me know if you are still having a problem, I don't remember the name of the place, but I can drive by it and can send you the info for the place, it is in Pasadena, CA though.
  3. Actually I was looking for a newer one, and found 2 CPO by Longo Lexus, both 2010 with 24K & 31K miles, and they were both around $39K, so for 2008, I'm sure you can find it for $30k-$35k. I would look for CPO because for them to certify it, the car has to be serviced at a Lexus dealership and have no accidents,
  4. So Steve, do you know what the part number would be for that motor? Please let me know if you do.
  5. Thanks keykeeper, I'll try that this weekend. I also found a small gear they are selling on eBay, and am wondering if that will work on mine, although it doesn't say it is for my year car, but I'm going to try that too. if anyone has tried it let me know.
  6. My car's steering column tilt function stopped working. And of course it is in the position my wife used, which is way down. Has anyone had the same problem? Would it be the motor, or gears etc? It was working a little weird, where sometimes it was going up when I pressed on the little joystick like button, The telescoping seems to be working, it is just the up and down tilting functions. Any help is appreciated.
  7. I wrote a post on the mark Levinson AMP issue here: And I think my cabin filter is accessible from the trunk under the rear deck, if I am not mistaken. I will also check the recommendation of CuriousB and see if there is one behind the rear Glove compartment.
  8. I had a problem with the audio system. There was no sound coming. I found out it was the AMP. Took it to the dealer they wanted $1986 (I guess they don't round up or down to make you think it is a calculated amount). The rebuilt one was $1000 from the dealer. I took it to car stereo shop after shop, and they couldn't do anything. I even thought about just replacing it with another type of AMP, but this Mark Levinson sh-stuff is just so intertwined with the NAV, and whole system of the car that, that was not an option. So I finally found a local Lexus guy here in Pasadena, he sent the amp to a rebuilder that rebuilds for the dealers I guess, and I got a rebuilt one that works well after about a week, it cost $450 with the labor and shipping etc. I've been using it for a year and a half now, without any issues. I've been monitoring ebay to buy an amp if I can find one, so if it happens again, I have a spare. But they are all going for $600. I guess everyone (exept me) knew the price.