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  1. The car is currently at 57,000 miles, so it just recently went beyond the basic warranty mileage. The salesman is no longer working there, but I'm going to request to meet with the manager and the Finance mgr to discuss this. Coincidentally, today we received an off from a warranty insurance company offering to sell us an extended warranty policy. The company is AutoAssure, LLC. It seems very odd that a week after this experience we receive this offer. Thanks for your posts
  2. My wife and I purchased a 2009 RX350 with 15,000 miles in Feb 2010. The car was advertised as being CPO. I just had the oil change and the Service Dept informed me that the rack and pinion was starting to go out. I told them the vehicle was CPO and it should be covered by the 3yr/100k warranty. I was contacted the next day and told there was no record of this warranty. I pulled up the listed internet ad for our vehicle and it clearly states it was CPO. The Finance Mgr contacted me and stated that when we purchased the vehicle we had not included the purchase of the $1000 CPO warranty. The problem is that the only warranty that was offered at financing were the extended warranty packages. We declined them since we had been told by the salesman that we already had the CPO warranty. The Finance Mgr then clarified that the $1000 CPO price had actually been deducted from the purchase price. Once again, I reviewed the sales contract and it doesnt show a $1000 deduction, only our down payment. I haven't called dealership back yet, however, it appears that the Finance Mgr's argument is that what I presumed was a negotiated reduction of $1200 from the purchase price was actually a removal of the CPO warranty(which we were never told). Has anyone had any similar issues like this? It appears to be a very deceptive sales practice if this is indeed what has occured.