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  1. Here's an update. My battery went out and I had it replaced with a new battery. Voila! My ipod problems are gone. Strange, huh?
  2. Do the rotors need to be replaced at 15k? Can't they simply be machined?
  3. I have a 2010 ES with nav. I have an Iphone 4s attached via bluetooth and then have a 16 gig Ipod attached to the USB port on the car via a wire. This arrangement worked for several years until a few months ago when I have been unable to use my Ipod because I receive the following error message: Connection error. Please consult the manual for instruructions on how to reconnect the USB device or Ipod." Once and I while my Ipod works, but most of the time I receive the error message. The only fix I have found is that once I receive the error message, if I turn the car off at a stop light, and turn it back on, the Ipod works, however, this is a pain. Any suggestions?
  4. I am looking for a bike rack for my 2010 ES 350. I am looking for a rack that is secure, plus is easy to install and remove. I had a trunk mounted rack that attached to the trunk with hooks and straps and it was time consuming and frustrating to install. I have a road bike.
  5. Had something similar and the body shop guy put a solution on a rag, and whiped away the white paint, reveailing my untouched black paint underneath. He then waxed the area and it is flawless. Took 10 minutes.
  6. I have a 2010 ES and the chrome strip at the bottom of the passenger door keeps falling off. If the door rubs on a grass parkway or on a curb when you open or close it, it breaks the little fasteners that keep the chrome strip attached. Anyone else have this problem?
  7. To the poster who suggested having the replacement piece clearcoated, how is this done? Do you get the part from the dealer and bring it to a bodyshop to have clearcoated before it is installed and then go back to the dealer to have it installed?
  8. He probably works for BMW or Mercedes and is trying to scare up some new business.
  9. Does anyone know whether a Nav update will update the lousy software for the ipad integration on the ES 350's audio system? Anyone addressed this issue?
  10. If you turn the knob on the right side of the audio system, it will scroll up and down your list of artists or songs, but this is still a very slow and clumsey option (but is better than pressing the page down button 100 times). If anyone else has any other suggestions on improving the ipod interface, let us know!
  11. I have a 2010 ES. I installed my 16 gig Ipod on my ES and have been very frustrated by the software on the ES. First, I have 407 artists on my IPOD and several thousand songs. The software shows five artists at a time and forces you to page down, page by page by page to move between artists. Then, if you pause more than a second or two on any one page, it automatically starts playing music from the first artist on the page. Compared with the software on the IPOD itself, the Lexus software is TERRIBLE. Have any of you been frustrated by this? Any solutions?
  12. It is better to rip your CD's into Itunes and then play your music with an Ipod plugged into your audio system. It will display artist, title, genre, etc.
  13. If you dislike the IPOD software on your '10 or '11 ES, write an email to Lexus (follow the link below) and tell them...maybe they will update and improve the software. http://lexus2.custhelp.com/app/ask