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  1. Ok, no change, except the open door is off, but never comes on now. Also, the radio display is nlank. Radio does work. Any more thoughts ?
  2. Guys, my 2001 RX300 is having some issues. It's showing a open door, temp gauge not working, power locks not working, showing a 'open door' all the time. No dome light, climate control does not show anything. Earlier the dash was black, but later started working. Earlier the climate control temp guage was stuck on 75 degrees now just black. Driver window works ok, others do not. Seems to run ok. Any ideas ? I had a Camry that had issues like this & it was a broken wire at the door jamb.
  3. I have a 2001 recently purchased RX300. 120K miles, appears trans fluid has not been changed. Smells fine, but is dark. Car salesman once told me that if the trans fluid has never been changed, don't change it. Because that new fluid has strong cleaners & it will cause problems. Could I clean catch the old fluid, replace filter & add old fluid back ?
  4. The grarage door finally got the antenna on a 2001 RX300. I was wondering if there was a aftermarket or OEM replacement that was the short type antenna that would go in the place of the current antenna ?
  5. OK guys, I have read that the biggest challenge of removing the ICAV is the screws holding it in place. I have read that using a impact that you strike breaks these loose. I have a cordless impact (Dewalt, looks like a drill) with all the tips & bits. Could I CAREFULLY use this ?