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  1. MY 2005 SC430 washer reservoir also has a leak. I purchased a replacement reservoir from the dealer- They want $170 to install it. I pulled off most of the left fender well, and candidly became intimidated by all the 'stuff' in there- I've done this before when I was driving Toyotas... I also would love access to the repair manual.. Chuck, did removing the fender well reveal the reservoir? Is that the way to go? Thanks. John Billerbeck
  2. Thanks for the quick reply . . . time to get dirty.
  3. I recently purchased a 2002 SC430 which has leak in the windshield washer reservoir. I can barely see the reservoir down behind the left headlight assembly. But does anybody know the best way way to access it. Is it from above or from inside the left front wheel well? Any help would be appreciated. Is there a recommended shop manual also?
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