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  1. thankfully i can usually move the wheel somewhat with manual pressure- at the same time as i press the tilt button up-down
  2. Thanks micah.berry this sounds like a good-cost effective comprimise to an expensive fix-Cleers , Phil
  3. Thanks VT Battery is fairly new- so problem may be more of the electrical-breaker variety .
  4. I am having problems getting my streeing wheel tilt to work- it telescopes fine but when i push up or down on the tilt button i hear a "click" but get very lillte or no movement - also having problems getting drivers seat memoey to work (seat-mirrors-seat belt -wheel- should all re position and they wont move) any advise is appreciated-thanks
  5. Thanks Steve -it seems to be running o.k. now-i am considering replacing the battery and/or having the charging system checked as to why it was so low after sitting 2 weeks
  6. Thank you Jim i considered calling CAA to jump start it for me but got a bit impatient -probably better practice to let them do it
  7. my 1996 ls 400 would not turn over yesterday after sitting for 2 weeks in Canadian winter weather It just made a rapidly repeating clicking noise when i engaged the key. interior accessories were dimly lit. I boosted it with our 2nd car and it started fine to i drove it for half hr. .would this boost do any damage to the alternator? Tks .
  8. Hi Folks, just wondering if it is necessary to change the power steering fluid in my 1996 ls400 and if so what fluid to use. I bought the car last nov and dont know if it has ever been changed-any danger in ruining the alternator with dripping fluid during the proceedure? Also thinking of changing the brake fluid and rear end def fluid for prevention. Thanks !
  9. so the washer simply acts as a spacer.. Thanks Billy !
  10. Thanks much Lex i will have a look ..
  11. Hi Folks, Steering wheel on my 1996 ls 400 will move in and out but wont tilt up and down-just hear some clicking when i attempt to move it-yet sometimes it moves up and out of the way when i turn off ignition. What gives? Tks,Phil
  12. Thanks landar , Is finding bad sensor a very complicated-costly proceedure ?
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