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  1. There is supposed to be a fuse box on the kick panel under the steering wheel on 95 SC's Right? I can't seem to locate it. Do I need to pull the carpet back? Somebody please tell me where it is. I need to check a fuse or to and pray that, that's all I'm gonna have to replace! Thanks
  2. OrLousy, I also have a 95 SC400. I know I have keyless entry and I think a remote will open the trunk. Do you know if that's the case? Also, What should I look for a key with one button or a clicker with 2 or 3 button? Will the HYQ1512A work on my car? I would truely appreciate your advice. Where will you be posting the programming instructions? Thanks
  3. Could either of you guys give me really good directions on how to find this mirror ecu and what it looks like? I have a guy who will sell me one if he can just find the darn thing. Thanks
  4. Here's the deal...Every time it rains my radio goes out ('95 SC400 Nak) No suprise there huh? Well, I also noticed that the airflow idicator display was tuning dark from the bottom up. The car sat in the sun for 5 hours. The display is clear and the radio works. Before I go tearing the console apart, could someone tell me what I might be looking for? Actually, boyfriend's gonna do it. I'm technically inclined, not electrically inclined. I would appreciate it. Pioneersbury, if your out there impart your wisdom please!!!!!!
  5. Hello, I am new to the club. I recently bought a gorgeous '95 SC400. When I brought the car home the radio worked fine. There was no sound coming out of the back speakers. (Okay, I could live with that for a while.) Then the CD started jumping disks when I accelerated. (getting aggravated by this point) The radio is working through all of this. Got in the car 2 days ago CD now says ERR and there is absolutely no sound coming from any #$*& where. And the CD magazine will not load. I've read every post I could find but nothing quite describes this. From what I've read, sounds like I need a new amp for starters. I'm a little unclear on the exact location. I'd would also appreciate knowing the best place to buy one. Any opinions on whether my system is completely cooked or salvagable? Most Humbly, DGD