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  1. Thanks sktn77a, I thought the chrome "latches might be tie downs" but wasn't sure. The spare tie and tool cover (center panel) is the panel in the upper portion of the photo. It lifts easily. The panel that covers the amp I believe is the smaller panel shown in the lower part of the photo which is located next to the right quarter panel. I can lift the edge along the quarter panel enough to see what looks to be the amplifier, but I can't see enough to verify that. The panel is fastened securely along the edge next to the spare tire well and in the area of the chrome latch/tie down. I don't see any fasteners for that panel.
  2. The audio amp just went out on my wife's '07 LS460, and I'm having trouble removing the trunk liner covering the amp. There is a chrome plated latch that seems to be holding the trim panel in place, but I've not been able to get it to release. A pic of the panel and latch is included. Can anyone help me with that?