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  1. I think this will get you to the topic. http://us.lexusowner...topic=15699&hl=
  2. I decided to upgrade my ecu to address problems of stalling after highway driving and throttle shock when driving in town. These issues were discussed in depth by 95LS400Bob about 7 years ago. I replaced my original ecu 89661-50221 with ecu 89661-50224 from a wrecked 95LS400. This is the ecu that was recommended in a Lexus TSB to address these issues. Just return from my my first highway trip since I changed my ecu. Car ran great. No longer have any issues with stalling, throttle shock or erratic idle speed. I want to thank Bob and LOC for all the information which made this repair as easy as plugging in a new ecu.
  3. This is the problem addressed by 95LS400Bob years ago for which there was a Lexus TSB issued. The car stalls when returning to idle only after highway driving for 30 minutes or more and then restarts immediately.
  4. Is ecu 89661-50224 still the recommended replacement to fix stalling after highway driving?
  5. I have a sticky interlock solenoid which frequently prevents the key from going to the locked position to be removed. I think when the solenoid is deactivated it does not return to the correct position. Any suggestions on fixing solenoid or by-passing it? Will disconnecting the power to it work? Any suggestions will be appreciated. 95 LS400
  6. How do you remove the dash trim panel around the ignition switch on 95LS? My key interlock sometimes prevents the key from going to the off position for removal. Any tips will be appreciated. TIA, Mark
  7. Can the bearings on this pulley be lubricated or is it sealed? Mine makes a periodic chirping sound. This is the free pulley, not the one on the the belt tensioner. 95 LS400
  8. Anyone know the torque specs for alternator to engine bolts, 95LS 400? TIA
  9. Are there any fusible links for the charging system other than the 100A fuse cartridge in engine compartment fuse box? Also, are there any relays for the charging system that should be checked before replacing failed alternator? TIA,Mark
  10. Has anyone had any experiences with Autozone's Duralast remanufactured Denso alternator with lifetime warranty. TIA, Mark
  11. Why not have your existing alternator rebuilt by a reputable auto electric shop. Remove yourself & take it in... Much cheaper & you retain yourself OEM alternator.... 5 Auto electric shop said it was not practical to rebuild.
  12. I need to purchase an alternator for my 95 LS400. Any suggestions on brands and where to get it from.
  13. You're right to want to turn off the auto. On the left side of the steering column, below the turn signal lever, you'll find both the tilt/telescope button and the auto button. Press the auto button to turn the auto feature off. You will still be able to adjust the wheel with the other button whenever you like. My 95 does not have the auto button.
  14. Look under the dash just to the right of where the steering shaft goes through the firewall. You should see two electrical connectors plugged into a brown circuit board box. One is white and the other is blue. With the key on and the steering wheel in the position you want it, unplug both of the connectors. The steering wheel will now stay in this position.