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  1. The 1st Gen GS has alot less aftermarket suppport compared to the second. (I have owned both). Engine-Turbo kits, Exhaust, etc Suspension- Eibach, Intrax Tanabe springs, Tein, JIC, etc coilovers Aero-mostly JDM kits- there is a sticky thread at the top of this page Wheels-endless I.C.E- whatever your imagination and your small trunk will allow!! Good luck
  2. Got rid of my previous bling bling wheels and went for a classier look! The breakdown: 20x8.5" Dronnel CA-05 Superchrome Finish 35mm offset 255/35-20 Falken GRBfk 451
  3. Screen, DVD player mounted under passenger dash (i did not want to make trips to the trunk just to change DVDs!)
  4. Factory grille with the stupid gold emblem! yuck! I actually ordered all the badges to replace the gold ones and 2 of them did not fit (the grille "L", and the "Lexus" for the rear). I cant wait to get some new wheels, I am so tired of the MTV Cribs look!!
  5. Dont really know what your looking for, but I'm selling my 20s with tires for CHEAP. I have a '96 GS and I also have 1.75" intrax springs and KYB struts. IMHO, if you do anything more than a plus1 upgrade on your wheels, you should lower the car. If you mount 20" wheels and a Eibach suspension kit, the car will still ride pretty nice. I have attached a pic of my car, for reference.
  6. zeta, this wknd, I'm gonna take the wheels off to put them up for sale at the shop I bought them from, so we will see if I get any takers, I put them on Ebay, and have yet to get 1 bid!! :(
  7. thanks all, I'm actually looking to sell the wheels, for a more simple style, just a 5spoke 20" in chrome.
  8. I dont know why my pics are coming as attachements, but you can click on the blue text and the pics will open
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