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  1. After reconecting or replacing battery power window & moon roof must be normalized,any one knows what to do ??? on 2007 RX 350. I dont have owners manual.please help. than you.
  2. Hi any one knows where reserve DRL washer thank is located on 2007 RX 350,or windshield washer tank is also for DRL washer.please help.thank you.
  3. Hi i did my went to dealer took them 40 minutes just switch rubber hose to a metal one protect from over heating runs great.good luck.
  4. :( Hi my 2007 RX 350 when i try to open my sunroof what i get only some click noise and nothing happend any one can help me what to do? please help.thank you.
  5. how to reset maint requre warnning light ?? thank you
  6. hello i need help how to reset maint requir warnning light .? thank you.

  7. passanger bag off- lights up,any body knows why??? Who knows how to reset? Thank you .And Happy New Year.
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