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  1. Maybe that it should be a Lexus Es330 and not 300! -Brian
  2. I have a 1994 ES300 with 125k! I get 25 in the city and 29-30 on the highway. I tried filling up with 87 instead of 94 Sunoco Premium, and the MPG went down. I also run a fuel injector cleaner everytime I change my oil. I also run Z-Max Fuel Additive as well as their Engine Formula. I am not saying you should do this, but the results show in my MPG! I also change my oil every 3k and drive like an old man Brian
  3. Do you mean the new G35? The one with six mini projector light beams in one headlight? I think the new Q45 is hot as well! I have to say, my wife and I just purchased a new Camry and it doesn't exactly drive like my lexus! My ES300 has a bigger engine, but makes better MPG, what's that all about? Anyhoo, what if you had 50K to spend, would you still buy a Lex? Brian p.s. I would. I have driven many cars! The only car I would have to think about is the Mercedes Benz sedan, but it is way over the 50K!!!! :cries:
  4. There was an episode of car and driver this past weekend featuring the all time best sedan and I was surprised that the ES300 did not make their list! Although many high priced sedans made the list, the ES300 was not there! It seems as though they chose sedans that were very pricy and seemed kind of high maintence. I guess the ES300 is kind of a sleeper!!! If I had the money to spend, I think the Lexus ES300 is the best choice on the market! Any thoughts? -Brian
  5. Now that the weather is changing, is it a good idea to start the car and let it run for about five minutes until it gets warm before I start driving? Some people have told me that I should not do that and some people said that it does not matter! I am never sure about that!
  6. What does TSB mean and thanks for the help! I was using Wawa gas, but recently I tried that V-Power from Shell and the car seems to run alittle better! Meaning that I do not smell anything! Hey, one more question, Does you mile per gallon go down when you change oil brands? I do not want to start a debate, I am just asking!
  7. I am interested in replacing my catalytic converter and wonder how difficult it would be to change? There is a funny smell of rotten eggs and I can only imagine that a 10 year old car with 130K would need a new one! :D Any suggestions? -Brian
  8. Something like this also happened to me as well! I only have one word to say...... CARFAX
  9. I am afraid that you will have to buy the bulbs. I am thinking that maybe I should replace ALL of the bulbs while I am doing this job and not some of them. I will check out lextech lighting systems and maybe shootg for the blue ones! We'll see!
  10. Have you thought about running Valvoline Max-Life Synth 5W-30? I started using it and the car seems to run much better! They said that it "conditions" the seals and helps improve over all performance. Just a thought! p.s. Has anyone seen the special on the Discovery Channel about the 2005 Mustang and the 2005 C6? I was happy to see some "guy" tv for once! Does anyone know if there will be any Lexus car shows in the fall? Some of these weekends are turning into some pretty good driving weather! -Brian
  11. Do you think that a dirty PCV valve could have caused your other problems? The Lexus mechanic said that if I had waited longer to fix it, that it would have ruined x-mas and he was not laughing! -Brian
  12. Well, I finally got the car back! It turns out that my PCV valve was bad and that was in turn causing the blue smoke and not the dreaded valve stem seals!
  13. Is it true that when the PCV Valve becomes clogged or dirty, it will push the oil through the seals? Could someone explain PCV Valves and how they work? All I know is that PCV stands for Positive Crankcase Ventilation, but how can it "push" oil through the seals? "i just had an estimate from the City garage around the corner frm my house (they do AWESOME work, have been taking cars there for a while, as have my parents, and their friends) and i was quoted $311 labor only for front and rear Valve Cover Gaskets and PCV valve. he said (and this is all true) that if the PCV valve is bad (or clogged) then it will push all the prssurized oil out through the seals."
  14. Hey Army, I was wondering if your Lex is burning oil? I am the guy who had the post about the "Blue smoke from tailpipe right after startup". The lexus repair people said that they changed the PCV valve in my 94 es and flushed all the carbon out. Were you thinking about doing the same thing? Do you have the same problem? As soon as the car turns over after sitting over night, a puff of blue smoke comes out the tailpipe and then clears up. Did this happen to you? -Brian
  15. So, All ATF is not created equal. Is it because of how the tranny is put together or what it is made of? I am just asking Besides the fluids, what else should I do to help my car help me get me to work? I am a firm believer that if you take of your car, it will take care of you! My family bought a 1990 Honda Accord that was eventually handed down to me and I still have it. Four door 5 speed and fully loaded. Is it weird to keep a car just because of all the memories that surround it? Anyhoo, it has 490K and runs really strong!!! Changed fluids regularly and drove it like an old man!!!! Oh, one more question, the last time I was at PepBoys, I noticed something weird. When I was in the oil isle and reading some of the labels, why does Honda require 0W-30 oil as opposed to 5W-30? -Brian
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