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  1. What's a good brand for IS250 brake rotors?
  2. I can't believe this. I just noticed this happening to my car too The difficulty is that when I notice the issue, it's at night (that's when my lights come on). At that point the dealers are closed. This has only happened once in the past month but I'm getting the same symptoms. My car is going in for some other work and I'll ask them to check it. Good to know the solution may be as easy as a bulb change. I just got back from the dealer. I have a seal or gasket that needs replacing. When it rains, a little water is getting in causing my bulb to go out intermittantly. There is vi
  3. Thanks. I will work on that over the weekend! Merry Xmas!
  4. Yes, I do have the OEM HID bulbs. I just need to replace it with D4S. The link you showed me seems pretty easy to install. But since i'm not mechanical savvy i guess it would take me hours. LOL
  5. Thanks. I have another question, for the 2007 IS 250 the bulbs is D2C or D2S? I've been looking through my owner's manual but it doesn't say the kind of bulbs I have.
  6. Thank you!! i've been getting alot of mixed answers. some say it's belt and others say it's chain. Since i know it's chain, i feel more relaxed. :)
  7. the 2007 IS 250 should come with Timing Chain correct?
  8. Ok, i just bought the HID bulbs for my low beam, but don't know how to install it. Can anyone show me step by step process for the installation? thanks!
  9. Just wanted to share my experience with everyone on the HID lights. I recently purchased a slim ballast HID 8000k on the fog, it looks great!!! However, the installation part was a pain in the !Removed!!!!! I'm planning to get another set for my low beam and i hope it won't be as difficult as the fog.
  10. I recently updated the NAVI myself. But i dont know if it's the true update or not. The DVD menu shows my version is 8.1 but i don't know what are the changes. Anyone know?
  11. Premium Package ($240) Espresso or dark gray bird's-eye maple interior trim Perforated leather-trimmed interior Ventilated front seats Luxury Package ($1980) Power tilt-and-telescopic steering column Lexus Memory System to control power driver's and front passenger's seats (except lumbar), outside mirrors and steering wheel Electrochromic (auto-dimming) outside mirrors with auto tilt-down in reverse Illuminated door-sill scuff plates Espresso or dark gray bird's-eye maple interior trim
  12. Anyone know the differences between premium and luxury package?
  13. Does anyone know how much is the Rear Lip spoiler? I've been wanting to get it but debating whether i should get it or not because of the price.
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