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  1. i would like to contact you regarding the speedsensor.

  2. The position that the cat's are located restrict exhaust air flow, you want to get them as flat as possible,
  3. I certainly will keep in touch, I never will compare the quality of Lexus to that of a Chevy, but im happy, its in my budget, but i already have my eye on another 92 LS, my neighboors, they told me they would have sold it to me istead pf getting that crappy Lexus i got from the dealer...i should have known, they have it in preatty good condition, w/120k miles on it, id say they put about 20miles per week and that seems like a lot. Its in tip top shape and i get a long good with their son, they're Vietnameese. I dont know, i llike it and i told them to keep it for another year and a half, they
  4. Congrats man, im sure thats going to work out perfect
  5. Thanks 99LS...I definitly will....considering the condition of my car, im starting to miss it when I see other around..
  6. Thanks a lot for your responses, some of you, maybe im not as lucky to have as much money to keep the lexus as many people on here are. It was dripping wet from rain the other day...and no the sunroof wasnt open.The PS had just gone out, everytime I used the A/C I had a wet carpet not to mention the smell, the suspension was awfull and getting worse, might I add some kind of bushing or seal came off from somewhere in the suspension, when I pulled out of the driveway it was just there, thats when the clunking got even louder. I had some kind of air leak, as to where I could hear the raod nois
  7. Well ladies and gentelmen...I guess this is Good-Bye...This weekedn I parted out my '92 LS400 151K miles...I traded in for an '05 Chevy Malibu...everyone on here was really that website the Lexls had, really helpfull...overall everyone here was really helpfull..maybe down the line I might just buy another Lexo...i got used to it...but this time i'll be sure to check it out very very carefully... Thanks and Farewell...I'll stop buy from time to time...great website... Travieso~13
  8. I paid $35 for my Alignment...Some Shop in North dad always takes his cars there...they did a good job
  9. Id say...that little switch under the pedal is hella fun...the car just shoots like a bottle rocket...I love this car...Luxury+Speed=A very happy me...very little people know on the streets that this car is what I like to call "A SLEEPER"...I've had people tell me..."Wow...that car has a V8...." Thats what I like Fast Luxury for something I can afford for know...The 0-60 is about the same as my '90 Mustang GT would give me...
  10. I agree SRK...I went to the store a few hours ago and tested twice...both runs gave me about 9seconds 0-60...I wouldnt give it all the gas but when second gear kicked in I would floor it and it went...the other day I took off w/a buddy of mine, he has a '74 Pontiac Formula 400...he has it a bit supped up...he took off a lil ahead of me probly about 1/3 of the car...then when I hit second gear I just flew by him...I stopped though cause I have a DUI and a speeding ticket...and a couple of points on my license...this car has potential for power and and speed a lot i'd say most people dont like
  11. If you floor it your just drowining it with gas...give your self a limit and dont let it redline on the first gear...another thing is check your tire pressure...also...try getting to about 25mph then hit the'll see that your LS will fly...just limit the acceleration at the take off...try and get it to throw in second gear @ about 4300rpm, then work on it from there...your car wont have take off, but your sure to blow some people by at higher speeds...just my two cents...if you know how to shift properly you can start off on low gear(1) then change the gears yoursellf...but if your no
  12. Welcome and congrats on your "new" LS!!! What you can do is what I want on could change the exhaust,like flowmaster or borla...if emissions isnt a problem customize your own exhaust can add and air intake system, from injen perhaps...upgrade your brakes to drilled rotters...or if you have the funds and want all out...look for lextacy in this could supercharge your LS for about $5k...just some suggestions....Again welcome and Congrats Travieso~13
  13. Your best bet if you want to do that is try going to Best Buy(or similar) or a Audio shop or something. They sell wire harnesses that let you connect amps to your stock audio. I think its some kind of should be anywhere from $20-$40. My brother did that on his '01 Tahoe. Hope this helps Travieso~13
  14. Thanks, So that would explain the noise at high speeds? By the way how would I go about closing those? Do you have yours closed? Where should I look? Once again thanks for your help travieso~13
  15. Thanks i'll check that out today when I get home
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