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  1. When should the timing belt be replaced? I have heard both theories : Change the timing belt according to age AND/OR change the timing belt according to miles. I have a 2004 LS430 Ultra with 51k miles. When I asked my mechanic (at Lexus Dealership), he said, "Don't change it until 90k or so". But, I've also read you should change the timing belt at 6-8 years. I'm not going to hit 90k miles for some time and I worry about the infamous timing belt failure. Any suggestions?
  2. Does anyone know if the Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors from a 2004 LS430 wheel (17") will fit a 2006 SC430 wheel (18")? Tire Rack told me the SC430 wheels require a specific TPMS for each wheel however, i suspect this is because the SC430 reads each tire for a display of pressure?
  3. Does anyone know if SC430 wheels will fit a 2004 LS430? I know the bolt pattern is the same but will there be any clearance issues with the calipers? Thanks in advance.
  4. My car did the EXACT same thing and mine is also a 2004. I brought it to the dealer who researched the Technical Service Bulletins and found there is a "transmission shift point reprogramming" which can be done (I believe for '04 and '05 model years). It was done at no cost (certified vehicle) and it resolved the issue completely.
  5. I'm on my fourth lexus now ('04 LS430 Ultra; 35k miles), and all of them seemed to have this charactersitic: When I'm slowing down to about 10-15mph and begin making a left or right turn onto another street, once I give it gas, the transmission seems to downshift into first, causing the car to lurch. It almost seems like a slip/hesitation but, like I said, this is something I've noticed in the other Lexuses I've owned ... but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed it? Thanks.
  6. I have a 2004 ls430 and I was wondering if I can change the fog lights from white to yellow? If I can, is it just a simple change of the bulbs and where can I get them? Thanks in advance.
  7. I have a 2004 LS430 - Ultra package with 35k miles. The car has the air suspension. There are no warning lights, but the car looks like the rear is "sagging" a bit in relation to the front. Like I said, no warning lights and the car seems to ride just fine. Does anyone have experience with the air suspension and if so, is it typical for the car to look a little lower in ther rear? Thanks in advance.
  8. Does anyone know how much a front wheel bearing replacement would cost (at a dealership) for a 2001 Lexus GS430? My car has developed an intermittent, low humming sound. I don't know if it's my tires or if its the bearings. Also, could bad bearings in the front make a creaking/cracking sound when turning at low speeds?? Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. I'm looking to upgrade my 2001 gs430 Navigation (Mark Levinson). What is the newest version (part number if possible) that is compatible with my system and does anyone know what the DVD will cost? Thanks in advance. P.s. Is it worth it????
  10. I know there have been previous posts regarding this topic, but... For my 2001 GS430, I have 225/60/16 Winter tires on stock 16" wheels. The original tires were 225/55/16's. Will the taller sidewall make a big deal. I figured the size difference makes the speedometer read 2 mph SLOWER (less rotations). Will this affect the transmission, computer, etc? I only use this wheel/tire combination during winter months as I have summer tires/17" wheels. Thanks in advance for any information.
  11. I am about to hit 75000 miles on my '01 gs430. Dealer says I need the recommended 75k service which varies from $250-340 depending on which dealer I called. I'm thinking on just flushing my coolant and doing an oil change (needed). The 75k service (trans flush (already did), a/c filter, check brakes, check undercarriage, "gas additive", etc..) seemed unecessary. Any opinions?
  12. I don't have the printout but I when I had the dealer do an alignment (again), they said it was "off by 3 degrees". I'm not sure if they meant toe in. They stated this probably wouldn't be the cause. How is it possible two sets of tires wore unevenly if there is "nothing wrong with the vehicle". Do GS's typically chew up tires?
  13. I have an '01 gs430 which has had a vibration and sometimes unsteady feel at highway speed (much like many others, I guess). The car had 16" stock wheels with Gooyears which developed feathering wear after 12000 miles. The dealer suggested new tires and alignment which led me to buy 2006 17" lexus Gs3 wheels with Dunlops and I had a 4 wheel align. After approx. 1000 miles, the Dunlops are developing feathering and the ride is still vibrating. Dealer checked entire suspension (for fourth time) and found all in order. Dealer did road force test which showed the fronts at 34/24 and the rea
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