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  1. try "car-part.com" I've found lots of second hand parts for my SC300 from these guys. Nice to see a girl in mississippi thats into these cars:) I'm from Long Beach but live in Tupelo now.
  2. 95 was not the first year. I have a 93 sc300 and it has one. Its my understanding that all sc300's and 400's came with fobs built into the orginal key when they were sold new. I have mine, but something was messed up with my keyless entry system. Goto best buy and get a viper keyless entry system installed $139 no other relays are needed and your alarm will arm and disarm with the lock and unlock buttons on the viper remote(as well as lock and unlock your car wow!)....or you could go get a quote from lexus and depending on whats wrong with your system for 700-1000 bucks like they told me haha
  3. I ran it the same thing replacing my PS pump. I finally figured out i needed a "breaker bar"(a really really long ratchet or a long pipe put over the handle of a ratchet) for alot more leverage. It holds more tension than any other car I've ever had. Try it and let me know
  4. Looking for a strong clutch for my sc300.....mods include tokico illumina 5 way adj struts and Tanabe GF springs (all from TT supra) Tanabe exhaust, LSD from Supra, Single turbo coming soon!!! (under 400whp) I also wanna put in a lightweight flywheel while I'm in there. Anyone got a good setup that they can tell me about?
  5. 3 inch radiator eh? thanks, ya i was rebuilding the engine from the ground up so water pump and thermostat were on the agenda. i was thinking of getting about 600 horse power do you think stock injectors could still work? no, you have 330 stock injectors you'd need at least 550's
  6. You'll get the same performance, it's just the name you're buying. The performance depends on turbo size also, there are many different size for turbos. If you put a turbo into an NA car, don't expect to just buy the turbo and slapping it on. You'll spend way more money on turbo charging a non-turbo car than just swapping it. If you go turbo, i suggest you swap it off with a turbo motor. i dont want to have to hassle with motor swapping i know a mechanic that can prolly install it for me im just trying to get around 350hp or more and a turbo kit and exhaust seems to get me there this is the link of the turbo im thinking of buying if its worth it i know there is some parts missing but this see,s to be one of the best deals and it doesnt look like its junk http://www.cxracing.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?S...250-90-SH250-90 here is the same kit.....just less http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/T67-Turbo-k...sQ5fAccessories
  7. yep, looks like a Mazda 3....thats why I don't like it.
  8. sonicelectronix.com has a double din install kit for the larger head units
  9. update......the supra store called me back and said the eibachs were discontinued. I called other places and got the same response. I'm now getting GF210 Tanabes "GF" standing for "grip feeling" ( i have a sneaking feeling that they are alot stiffer) I know the "NF" tanabes are "normal feeling" and softer. If anyone knows anything about these please let me know.
  10. I went ahead and ordered some tokico Illumina's and Eibach springs(for a 93-98 supra TT) A guy i know who ownes a turbo supra has some and recomended them for my Lexus. I know they are interchangable, but my question is how much should it lower my SC? its my understanding that the supra struts should lower my car about 1.5 inches with the Eibach springs. The perches on the supra struts are supposed to be higher, but the factory springs are not as tall(i think) Anyone know much about this set up?
  11. 119 people have looked at this and nobody has an opinion? Thanks alot guys
  12. could be a faulty switch on the e-brake