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  1. Rick, Thanks much for your post! You helped me get my '01 fixed. It is now stationary in the position I prefer. I know this is an old post, but I do have one question. The motor spun freely as soon as I disconnected the allen bolts. As such, I simply assumed that the motor is dead and didn't bother with the E clip (the motor makes no noise and there isn't the slightest movement when I try to tilt it with the switch). Do you think that it might be worth me taking it apart again to examin the E clip?
  2. Tapping into the video signal and routing it to another screen is very easy. Follow my directions here: http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...=19276&hl=video Now, if you'd like, I can sell you a "well constructed box" that has a wire connector in it for 120 bucks that will do the job in place of a wire tap. All that box from Ebay has in it are terminations for the wires that have been cut and a connector for the wire that needs to be grounded! You can accomplish the same thing with wire nuts and/or black tape (I suggest both). I understand that $140 is not a crazy number when you look at the cost of an LX470 but it is insane to pay that for a nothing box with poor directions.
  3. 2001 LX470 with Nav. OK, I did the override to enable the ability to have a DVD displayed on the Nav screen while moving: http://forums.vmag.com/suvlc0199/messages/2488.html Nice but basically useless since I don't really care to watch a DVD while driving. The main reason I did it was to be able to use the Nav system while moving. Unfortunately the October 2003 nav update apparently eliminated the ability to override the nav motion lockout. So here I am with a third-party overhead screen for the backseat that I wanted to be able to feed a DVD signal (1.5 year old twins that keep amazingly quiet when fed a dose of "baby crack" or more accurately Baby Einstein) while running the sound through the audio system since they’re too young to use the wireless headphones. I consulted my trusty Mitchell - Online for the wiring diagram. I found the wire that moves the video signal from the DVD changer to the screen. In this case it's a red wire with gray spots on it. It is in the second connector from the right on the top of the unit. These are the steps: 1) Take a regular RCA cable, cut off the connector on one end. 2) Separate the longitudinal braided wrap (aka outside conductor) from the center. 3) Run the outside conductor to a ground 4) Connect the center conductor to a wire tap connecting it to the red spotted video cable on the back of the unit. 5) Run the cable to the video screen. That’s it.
  4. There is no factory NAV system for the LX450. Even if there was, the cost of buying the components for the LX470 nav system would run you about 5-7grand +. I wouldn't even be able to guess how many hours of installation would be involved. Penmarsh, As far as I've been able to find out there is no way currently to override the 2004 nav system.
  5. Go here, do it you self and save some cash: http://forums.vmag.com/suvlc0199/messages/2488.html
  6. Warning! IF you did the "navigation override" to enable you to program the unit while moving, the new software removes that functionality. It happened to me on my 2001 LX. The DVD player (including the screen) still works while moving however.