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  1. Today is the day. 10pm the LS will be official bought back. It was a long fight. Thanks to all for the support and hoping no one has to go through this process. Will I buy another one? Maybe
  2. Update: Recived call from Lexus. They are buying the car back. Will I buy another Lexus ?????? Before the problems I really enjoyed that car.
  3. UPDATE: Still getting run around. Got a hold of a manager(Don Lomanto) at Lexus TMS (Toyota Motor Sales, USA) He informed me he would look into this case personally. Since everyone I have tryed to deal with refuses to return calls. He requested all documents on issue and thought I was going to get help. Well this was Sept 20 and was told he would get right back with me. I have left 3 mesages with his direct phone # in as many days. And Nothing. THE PERSUIT OF EXCELENCE Imagine That
  4. Called Customer service again today to try to get answers to whats going on. Here were the choices I was given. 1) trade car in at local dealer. 2) Lexus buy back progrom (?????) What kind of options are that ???? I told them to take this piece of *BLEEP* back. 6 to 8 weeks for that
  5. Update: got call Thursday to bring car in to be checked by what I was told Lexus egineering geek. He basically checked all work done to date made them drain all brake lines re fluid and bleed.And some other things. He took lot of notes. Still banging. Kept car. recived a call late last night to pick up car today. Still banging without a explantion except Lexus is lookinging into it. Three months they been looking into it. Time to brake out the lawyers.
  6. Im still getting the run around. Lexus customer service kicked it back down to the dealer. Some time this week I hope, some new engineers from Lexus or coming down. I requested to be there. Im sorry but not surprised to hear and sure will continue to hear others starting to hear same thing. I dont care what anyone say's. That bang is not normal. Did the dealer tell anyone when they bought there car to expect a bang noise ofter?????? miles. Mark my words recall in the making.
  7. Stressed not at all. Its just a car. But when someone or a campany thinks you were born at night. Tries to in my view screw you. I take issue with that. Will it get worse Im sure. Will we start seeing the same issues on other 2007 ls 460l im sure. Im not going to set idally by and wait for this issue to become a recall. Took someone to complain about engine noise. Probly was told normal. now a recall. As long as no one gets hurt great. Watch all the problems after they start droping all these engines to repace the valve springs. Which Im also part of. Now i need to go take my stress me
  8. Never in any accidents. I have treating this car better than my wife. Well thats what she would say. I plan on makeing alot of noise about this. Monday is a new day.
  9. Tryed that also. Attached are the invocice. I dont make these things up. Picked car up today. Guess what same bang, Service Invoice.pdf
  10. Thats Good. Maybe it will go away. Yea thats the ticket. If this wasnt a issue we wouldnt be were I am. It is a documented bang not pop. Major parts replace 3 different times. Every hears it feels it. Its just the local lexus engineer that says it normal with this car. Didnt make bang 20,000, 30,000 miles ago started at 40,000??? You just might be right. It will get worse right after the warrenty expires.
  11. Hes the one who gave me the number for Lexus. Will he go to bat with me.?????????
  12. Recived a call from Lexus service today. Im being told that the local engineer told them this is a normal noise for this car. I can pick it up tomorrow even though the service depatment feels this is not rightand gave be the number for Lexus which is the same numer I called weekes ago and still havnt recieved a reply. I have ran out of places to find help. I just tryed 7 on your side. See below Please Help! My 2007 Lexus developed a bang noise when applying brakes in traffic or parking. Was brought to dealer, on about 6/17/2010. Problem has been confirmed by dealer and parts replaced on 3 d
  13. There are now 3 cars in service with same issues. Im starting to get stone walled from Lexus.
  14. This is whats been done . They replaced basicaly the whole front end. Still banging. Replaced trac ECU (Skid Control Computer assy. Still banging. Know there calling in Lexus enginers. Im starting to lose hope.
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