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  1. You should check before you purchase anything but I don't know what a 'tail light cover' is..
  2. This happened to my friend's car and after replacing the o2 sensor everything was fine; might want to check that out too.
  3. I have this too. I have no idea what it is but I don't think it is a problem..
  4. When I got my car installed with the USA Spec i-Pod, I saw the guys taking off the wood part above your big glove box by prying it slowly. He then removed it and I guess the center console just came off?
  5. Ohh I never knew that haha. I'll go check it out if I can find it. I'll let you know
  6. I hate how the range mode never goes up :( in other cars like Audis or Benz, it goes up when you're cruising on the freeway or going downhill; makes me sad haha. I go about 330 miles on average on a full tank (mostly city driving) on 02 ES300 69k miles
  7. hehe
  8. Well I read somewhere that you might have to touch it because the sensor "falls" asleep at times; and you might have to wake it up
  9. Oh and this is what the actual sensor looks like.
  10. Yeppp! And the knobs on the side are the second intervals.
  11. Okay so first you have to pull the pin off of the box. If the sensor is still stuck on the windshield try removing the long black plastic connecting to the box by moving it up/down. If you're successful, the sensor should dangle since it is still plugged in. Next, turn the sensor around and as you can see in the picture; remove the 2 pin like things holding the sensor (shown in the red). You might have to use your nails to somewhat "dig" out. It shouldn't be very difficult. Sorry I was using my phone's camera. If this isn't clear enough feel free to ask again. I'll use my camera when I get back to school. Hope this helps!
  12. ^Agreed. I had my trunk repainted and had a pay a little more because of haters. Spend the extra cash, get it blended.
  13. It's okay. Thanks for your help but while waiting for class, I took the liberty to remove the pin that connects to the sensor. I found out that there are 2 pin like things that hold the actual sensor to the casing. I removed it and the sensor popped right out. Now, I have the intermittent wipers that I looove so much more than the Auto Sensors.. If anyone wants intermittent on the 02 ES' lemme know, I'll take some pics
  14. When I did mine, it fixed the tranny hesitation.. I would try to get it reflashed again by the dealer??