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  1. What do you guys think?
  2. check out this video of the new Lexus test drive - the dark ride. wish we could actually do it! what's the "darkest" drive you've had?
  3. Thought you all might be interested in this article. Discusses little known commands for voice activated models. Includes temp, radio, etc. What others would you like to see in your vehicle?
  4. he spent over 100k on it - what do you think? was it worth it?
  5. Lexus Magazine recently gave out some awards for the best (and some of the worst) modified Lexus Cars. They have some pretty humorous awards...“MOST LIKELY TO MAKE THE LEXUS PAINT DIVISION CRY” “MOST LIKELY TO INSPIRE A TOP-SELLING LIP GLOSS COLOR” and “MOST LIKELY TO MAKE YOUR HEAD EXPLODE” are a few. Here's a couple pics of them. Check them out here.
  6. Also, for those of you that are not aware, you CT 200h (Production version) will be shown at Geneva this coming week as reported here: https://secure.drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrive...News/index.html Stay tuned for more information from the show.
  7. If anyone is so inclined, there is a link within the article to give you feedback on the car straight to Lexus. We also have regular updates within the news section as to the progress You can get the survey here
  8. Quick article about the LF-Ch prototype at the Detroit auto show. At the end of the article is a link to the official Lexus survey about the design of the LF-Ch. https://secure.drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrive...exus-LF-Ch.html
  9. Quick mini-review/first drive from Justin Bell for Jay Leno's Garage up on the news section of Lexus Magazine: https://secure.drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrive...2009_12_22.html There are also a few more LF-A related features and news items back on the main news section. For anyone that is interested in these articles, there is an RSS feed you can subscribe to on the right side of the same news page. Enjoy!
  10. New article up on Lexus Magazine online. As pointed out by the author, this is not scientific, just interesting Here is the link: https://secure.drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrive...us-HS-250h.html
  11. LM CJ

    Lexus Magazine

    I definitely will. Thanks for the info. For anyone else that can take a quick look, we just rolled out some new content for the month. Here is a article on the new HS 250 getting 85mpg: https://secure.drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrive...us-HS-250h.html If anyone else has comments, thoughts, or suggestions, let me know. Charles
  12. Hey Everyone, I am working with the official Lexus Magazine, and we would love to get feedback from the community. For those that have not read the magazine before, it is a produced monthly by Lexus and focuses on Lexus vehicle features, tips, news, and various lifestyle features. It is also now available online for everyone to read, not just owners. Although if you are an owner, which I assumer most here are, there are some additional new features and tools if you register. So take a look and let use know what you think of the content and format. Here are some specific article links: Lexus LS IS C In Spain Golden State Getaways Lexus News Thanks in advance! Charles