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  1. You may be familiar with the recent recall on the the all-weather Toyota/Lexus floor mats. Seems overly cautious that they would pull every all-weather mat off the shelf, when it may only have been the camry/es350 that was at risk for getting the gas pedal stuck under the mat. And even then, it was user error caused by idiots doubling up the mats and/or not securing the clip-in points to the floorboard. On the LS430, the bottom of the gas pedal is attached to the floorboard, where it pivots. No mat will ever get in the way of this movement. It's been impossible to acquire these OEM mats t
  2. nevermind, thought this concerned the current recall...
  3. Just bought this baby from an old retired dude down in San Diego. Love the's in great condition, however I've just started noticing a short "buurrrraammp" sound right after the motor starts. Listen for yourselves--check out my video. Perhaps someone has experienced this condition and can let me know what system is affected and if I should be concerned. Thanks, Steve
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