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  2. thanks... mine is normally leaks when i'm driving and it's raining out side.. u can see it drip drip drip continously... now after those f.... guys worked on it... i hear wind noise through my sunroof ahh i'll go crazy soon...ok the lady from Lexus of bellevue did a follow-up call and i have told her what happened. She told me to come by when it's raining outside and send a tech along with me for a test drive.... now i've confirmed it's still leaking today.. i took a flashlight with me on a drive and i notice nothing really been fixed. can the seal be replace? i mean come on u dont buy a lexus
  3. u have a very good point wil look at that tomorrow
  4. i agree.. i do not think this is a clogged up drainage pipe, if so then after their tech worked on it and unclogged it should remain wet-free correct? i wish i have the knowledge i can fix it myself. i do not think this is a super hard thing to fix. but i do not know where to begin. i took it for a spin got to 130mph. on a open freeway with no one around... so far i think it'll do 135mph. i guess back to the drawing board and see how i can fix this thing so i can really enjoy it... any suggestions gentleman. i'll buy you lunch if u can help diagnose this darn problem. LOBSTER too :) hahahahaha
  5. oh god i didnt answer ur question got carried away..this happens when the roof is 100% closed... i looked at it.. the seals are good...can this be happening due to the fact the last 4 years the car was in arizona where it's like 110F year round? maybe the seals gets expand and contract under hot weather and start to shrink a lil and cause it to have a gap between the glass and the roof? does that make sense? it irritates me at this point knowing a 45k car can have a roof leakage. im determined to fix it by lexus or by someone... i dont care how much it is i just want it to drop leaking. gonna
  6. thanks gentleman... well the leakage lil water drops... it keeps on dripping as i drive down the road. so far it seems like draining away... my garage is full of stuff so i cant park it inside to inspect it yet... and it has been raining for 1 month now nonstop so i cant work on it outside... made me so mad. but i thought a lexus dealership put the effort of fixing it shouldn't it be done? or their technicians are goofball at the one i went to? i love my car. i gotta take this to another dealership and have another try at this. i shall have the pictures up as soon as the
  7. hi Recently i bought a used is350 with 42k miles on it from a nice dealership in town. then i found out the roof is leaking and it rains like 360days in seattle... i took it to lexus of bellevue... they said possibly it's leaking due to the clogged pipe or watever so ok... took a loaner 3 days later i went to pick it up... drove to a party on the way there at night pitch dark i reached into the hole where it was leaking.... yes sir.........still i'm very disappointed anyone has this problem? if u do did u fix it? or how did u fix it? i have 1year or 8k left on the warranty
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