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  1. I just wanted to thank you all for the advice and help - "Thank you". This morning I got a call from "Goodyear", and they asked me to take my car to our local transmission shop - "Global Transmissions" in Fort Walton Beach Florida. They took it in right away and gave it a total inspection. It was a great shop, and they told me that the car was just overfilled! Therefore the presure release through what appears to be a vent located on top, right side of engine was venting fluid. You could see where the fluid had sprayed. They ran the car and checked everything over. They also told me to keep mo
  2. Thank you for the replies - I know they did hook it up to the flush machine and did not actually drop the pan or anything on the transmaission itself. I cant for the life of me figure out why I needed to do this service (I'm a perfectionist - and its a curse). I did read the manual and saw how much transmission fluid I actually needed, but no other information was given. I live in a very small town, and the nearest Lexus dealer is several hours away from me. Hence me taking it to "Goodyear". I checked this morning and its still leaking small amounts, I have a pan under the car and I'm able to
  3. Greeting's All First time poster! I'm hoping you all can help me as I feel like I have nowhere else to turn. Recently I took my 2009 ES350 to my local "Goodyear" dealer to have their transmission flush service performed. I have 68,000 miles of my car, and I'm a perfectionist and maintain my car to perfect standards, or try to. I bought my car new, and have always loved and maintained it. After driving my car home after the service was perfomed, which is about 6 miles from the Goodyear service center, I noticed a terrible smell after parking my car. I thought the smell just might b
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