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  1. Hi, this is for others who are looking for tires too.I have a 2010 HS250h. I got the Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires and are very happy with the tire. The car rides a little quieter, my mileage went up a little, and I think they raised the car about an 1 inch higher, which helps keep the car above some of those high parking blocks. I've put about 5k miles on them and I'm expecting the life of the tires to easily be over 40k based on the wear so far. I highly recommend this tire.
  2. What cup holders? Do you mean the stupid insert spacer thing below the center armrest? Or the bottle holders in the fron door panels that hold nothing? Also looking for a place to put my iPhone... NOT on the passenger seat or dash... I agree with you on all of your points. I've owned my HS since Nov 09 and I 100% agree with all of the above. Let me add a couple more improvements: 1. Change the EV mode to allow a higher speed, up to 35mp, and allow the mode to be used in a lower battery capacity. My HS kicks out of EV mode when the battery capacity drops below 3/4 charged (dumb, dump, dumb). BTW, this should be a software fix for the 2010 models. 2. Make absolutely sure that all of the future models use lithium battery and are "plug-in" hybrids. Mid 30ties MPG is not acceptable for a sedan built as a Hybrid only model. It should match, or come very close to matching, the Prius MPG rating.
  3. I'm a new owner of a Premium HS250h with a Nav system, as of a few days ago. I've only driven the vehicle on a few short trips. I haven't owned nor driven a Prius but I did a 1000 mile trip in a Hybrid Camry so I have a little experience with a hybrid. I've owned a 97 ES300 since new. I agree with almost all of MDLexus' comments. The vehicle is noisier than my ES300, both on the street and highway. I think the higher speed road noise comes from the 18" tires but the lower speed noise comes from the powertrain. There's a major whine from the motor when the vehicle comes to a stop. Lexus should have put more sound insulation between the drive machinery and the cabin. If noise is an issue I would probably pass on the HS. Other comments: The HS cabin is not as nice as the ES350. If there was a hybrid version of the ES350 I would have bought it instead of the HS. This purchase was primarily for my wife. She originally wanted the RX400h but decided to stay with a sedan. So, the choice was to get a new ES or the HS. We went with the HS primarily for the hybrid technology. But, after owning this car for nearly a week, the ES would have been a better choice. I hope Lexus puts more emphasis in making the future version of the HS ride like an ES. Can't comment on the mileage yet because we've barely used a quarter tank so far. I'll post some numbers after we go through a couple of tanks.