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  1. Some final pics the next day before I returned the car to the client. It had rained the night before and was still cloudy. :(
  2. Bret using the Meguiars G110v2 with surbuf/M105: So besides for the panels that where wetsanded, all panels got: Surbuf/M105 Orange/M205 Black/M205 Re-washed with Zaino Z7 via 2BM/sheepskin mits Dried with electric leaf blower. Remaining water removed by spritzing Z6 and drying with big blue WW. 2x of Zaino ZFX'd Z5pro Z8 Tires got Zaino Z-16 Yes its 11:45p
  3. After extracting each section I set up air movers/fans to dry the carpet as quickly as possbile. I would let the fans run thru the nite to ensure the carpet was dry. I was fortunate that Bret could come by the next day to help finish up a few loose ends. Then it was all about polishing the paint after that. Here is Bret applying Zaino AIO to the wheels. I started on the trunk by wetsanding with trizact 3000 and my airsander. Surbuf/M105 Festool speed 5 Orange/M205/Festool Speed 5 Final polishing one handed with the festool/black/M205 Bret trying out the festool while final polishing: After final polishing: Rt door had some deeper RIDS, so 3k trizact w/ air sander:
  4. Interior was not too bad to start with. Leather and all hard surfaces steamed with my VX5000. Leather treated with Zaino Z-10 All hard surfaces treated with 1Z einszett Vinyl-Rubber Care & Protectant "Tiefenpfleger." After a thorough vac, I pretreat all carpet and mats with ultra pac. After a light working in of the pretreat chemicals, by light I mean just brush them in lightly to the fibers in two directions. No need to scrubb. I filled my Mytee HP60 with Dry Slurry and water. Let it heat up for 15-20 mins while the pretreat chemicals where dwelling. I then purge the extracting tool into a bucket waiting for some very hot water to pass thru.
  5. 2005 Black Lexus LS430 Client just bought it less then a month ago when he contacted me. He wanted full exterior correction, full interior with carpet extraction.
  6. Foamed with Z7, washed via 2BM. Tires and wells Eimann Fabrik Tire Cleaner. Wheels Megs WB Paint got Blackfire Wet Diamond followed by Z8 Tires got Z-16
  7. Just a 2 hour drive south to Montgonery, AL. Same client as the Ferrari 365 GTC/4 I did a few months ago. This is the client's wifes car, so you bet it had to be right. Some before pics: QEW wash. IPA wipedown M105/surbuf/XPPC via KBM M205/LC black flat/XPPC via KBM
  8. Thursday the next day, Bret and I returned to the clients house with the S65 AMG and polished his 06 F430. Of course it was dark out when we got done. Orange LC/M105 followed by black LC/M205. Z5pro. Drove up to Columbus, OH w/ family and polished my brothers 2006 BMW 750li this past Monday and Tuesday. 18-20 hours over 3 days. Lots of wetsanding on previous paint touch up and deeper scratches. Surbuf/M105 followed by LC black/M205 via KBM. Z5pro. Full writeups to come one day.
  9. Bret and I put 23 manhours into this S65 a few weeks ago. I think it was near 9p by the time we left. KBM via surbuf/M105, then M205/Black. Z5pro. On Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, I drove down to Montgomery, AL to polish out this Lexus Ls460l. 20 hours over 2 days. Surbuf/M105 followed by black /M205. Blackfire sealant.
  10. 2002 Black Lexus SC430 w/ 75k miles. Exterior only detail. Process: Wash Zaino Z7 2BM Clay w/ Zaino clay and Z6 as a lube while wet. Dry w/ Quality WW MFs New M105 orange pad PC 6. QEW wash to remove dust from paint. M205 Grey LC pad PC 4.5. Z7 2BM wash again to remove dust from seams and polishing oils from paint. Wheels cleaned with Blackfire Gel Wheel & Tire Cleaner and various brushes. Tires cleaned w/ Eimann Fabrik Hi-Intensity Cleaner. Z6 wipedown. 2x of ZFX'd Z5pro Z8 Before pics: You can see some junk on the clay after doing 25% of the trunk 50/50 shots after polishing with orange pad and M105 only. After polishing wash, no Zaino yet. Got a few sunshots before it disappeared for the evening:
  11. Client was kind enough to take some sun pics the following day:
  12. A few pics after polishing pics, car was washed with Z7 and a sheepskin mitt. Dried w/ a Big Blue WW. Wheels cleaned w/ MWB. No LSP at this time. Was dark when I finally got done. :( So just a quick pic after applying: Blackfire Wet Diamond Sealant Zaino Z8
  13. The clients 2006 Lexus IS350 had been hacked up by another detailer in the Atlanta area. The "shop of hacks" broke many promises to the client as they never showed up twice to properly correct the car. The client had contacted me and sent me a few pictures. I told him I had hoped that the car could be corrected via a one-step polish. The client arrived early in the AM. After a QEW wash and clay. The "shop of hacks" where supposed to clay the car, but I did find quite a bit of bonded contaminant on the rear of the car, leading me to believe that the car was never clayed. I did a straight IPA wipe down on the paint to ensure a smooth polishing process and remove any fillers/glazes that might of been used. Here are some pictures: I first tried: M205 via KBM flat black classic LC PCXP6 This combo removed the holograms and wool induced marring, but there where some deeper RIDS that where hidden under the work left by the "shop of hacks." Client elected to go with full correction. Here is a 50/50 of the door after: M105 via KBM flat orange classic LC PCXP6 M205 via KBM flat black classic LC PCXP6
  14. Thanks guys! My twin in Atlanta's name is Bryan Burnsworth. He's a great guy, and an incredible detailer! He was named (along with me!) in AutoWeek magazine as one of the 9 top detailers in the U.S. Great work and thank you for your kind words Todd! Bryan Burnworth