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  1. i have a 92 LS400 wih 77,000 orig mls on it. It runs excellent and looks great for the age. The interior is good with the driver side leather a little rough(no rips). it is two tone white with grey on the bottom(are'nt they all) I have had it serviced regularly. Does anyone think that settling for a price of $4,499.00 is to high. I do not want to sell it but my better half (and i use that loosely right now) just got a new car and said it has to go. In a way she is right, no room in the garage(I hate to see it in the weather) and the ins. is a waste if it is not being used as much. Please anyon
  2. 92 LS 400 70k . This has happen 2 times before, during last summer. When I step on the gas the car seems to lose power. The rpm's go down drastic. I put it in nuetral and rev it and it sometimes comes back. It does stall out but turns right over again. It seems to get worse when it has a load against it.(in DR or REV)I can step on the gas and power is lost. Also now when I sit and idle the rpms go down, it hesitates, then jumps right back to normal. This is our 1st warm day could that be causing something to go nuts? Any advice guys..please. I don't want to spend another fortune on this prob.
  3. I have a 92 LS 400 w/ 70k. My trac light goes on after driving a few miles and stays on till started again. Also my oil light(little canister icon) comes on every now and then. It seems to come on when the engine jerks(stopping cruise control I noticed today). It does go off after a short time. The oils is ok(the stick reads full). Could it be some kind of sensor on both oil and trac. And if so where is it and can I replace it myself. Once again thank you all for your help with my issues. THANKS JTF
  4. When I said sound, I am talking about the difference in the music you used to get on the older radios when you pushed the sterio button. I am also comparing it to our 08 LS. Not fair, I am expecting to much. I just love the car..actually more than the 08. it has had less recalls! Thank You for all your help. JTF
  5. 92 LS400 70k. Can a sterio lose its sound after after years? If so do I need to replace it or is there something I can do? Also my pass front speaker is cracking. Does anyone know other than Lexus where to find a good one and are they hard to replace? I have done it on other cars but I don't want to ruin the door panel in any way. Any advice? Thanks JTF
  6. 92 LS 400 70k. I am having a vibration in my steering wheel at higher speeds. The car was ot used much in the past 5 years. Could it be balancing,alignment or worst senerio struts(budget tight like the rest of us). Anyone have simular issues?
  7. Thanks Jim, I have owned a lexus since 89 6 actually. This is my 1st used and I am kind of Gun shy. John F.
  8. Jim Thanks. I have owned aLexus since 89. But this is my first used one. John F.
  9. I have a 1992 Lexus LS 400 with Approx 69000 orig miles. Can anyone guide me with the purcchase of a reasonable ext warr. with no deductable. Also can we use our local lexus dealer for the repairs when we get one, or does the warranty compant dictate where we can go? Thanks JTF NJ
  10. Does anyone know if there is a web site to look up what service was done to my recently purchased 92 LS400. The car was originally owned looks like it was garaged and kept up with. It has 68000 orig miles and I want to keep it running perfect as it is and up to date on serv. I did'nt get a manual with it and the dealer would not give info on the prev owner(i wanted to give my number to have them call me). I know it was serviced by Ray Catena in Ocean Township New Jersey, and it was traded by an older gent at world jeep and subaru in Shrewsbury New Jersey. Got some info from Catena but i need t
  11. Just bought a 92 ls400 with 68,000 orig miles. Was 1 owner garaged kept and Ray Catena serviced(local lexus dealer) About 800 miles ago while my foot was stepping on the gas it was loosing power/Hesitating. It still ran but you had to really step down on the pedal and it went back to normal. At this time it did not stall and still ran great but it hesitated. Once it got power there was no problem. Until today.4 weeks later and 400 miles I ran the car in the driveway for a few minutes and reved it a bit..Did not dog it. Drove less than 1 mile and started to lose power/hesitate again. I sto
  12. Does anyone have a simular problem. Lexus es350 2008 My trunk lid since the car had 2200 miles on it has been giving me a problem. When you try to shut it with the inside handle it won't latch. It has been back 3 times for this, problem still exists. I have to close it by pressing on the trunk lid. Now I am no bodybuilder, and my car is my baby. It caused 2 dents from my palms? This has also been fixed by lexis more than once, but they are still there. Now when this happens my battery goes dead. I have jumped it myself when I could not wait the hour plus for lexis to come to my home and d
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