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  1. Hi guys, I'm not sure what my 98 SC300 RPMs should be at speeds of 60 and 70, miles per hour. I have the 4 speed automatic transmission. I went to the dealer and they told me the transmission was in good shape but the RPMs look and sound to high for the speed the car is traveling. The RPMs are 2300 at 60 mph and 2800 at 70 mph. Can these numbers be right for the cars overdrive gear. The dealer told me that D on the shift indecaker is the overdrive gear for the 98 SC300. What do you guys think about this? Thanks, Dave
  2. Im looking for a battery tray and think a 1992 tray should fit my 98 sc300, do you have one that is in good ship.If you do let me know the price and shipping cost to N.Y.S. PM me at das277@gmail.com
  3. hay man, were do you live? any were near rochester ny. i got a red on tan sc300, 1995 for sale with a few thing repaired on it. if u want to have more info get back to me at das277@gmail.com
  4. hay there i have new ones i got for my 98 SC3 still in the box they came in, only opened it to have a look. got them in Nov.09 and the weather here in up state ny went bad b 4 i could do the work. i dont drive the car in the winter. i also got new KYB GR2 struts, the ones made in japan, as i hear they are the best when made in japan and i also got the new strut bumpers and i already cut them down as reruired by the info that came with the Tanabe spring. and i also got new oem spring insolators, i wanted to do the job righr but now im going to go with coilovers so you can email me at das277@gmail.com if u want to do a deal on these things. :D
  5. I got a 95 SC300 for sale in Rochester, N.Y. with 140K miles on it, red over tan, and it runs great. New rear brakes, new rear upper control arms, 4 new tires, sorry there on stock wheels,a new Lexus battery 2 years ago but I keep the cables off it because I don't drive it at all. I got a 98 red over black that I drive.Every thing works on the 95 SC300 with no leaks of any kind. The engine is strong and auto tranny is fine also. It needs a charge in the AC and thats the only thing wrong with the car. The CD changer and sun roof works fine as well. I was looking for $5600.00 but willing to deal a little on the price. I don't have any photos to show you cause Auto Treader didn't send them back when I had an ad with them and I don't know how to put them on the net. My email is das277@gmail.com Thanks.
  6. Are you sure its not the water pump? Some times the whining sound from the steering pump and water pump can sound the same.
  7. hay i got a 1995 SC300 for sale red on tan with 140k runs great with replaced CD, amp lexus battery, rear brakes rear upper control arms. im asking $5000.00 you can see it in autotrader.com the car is in rochester, ny
  8. I it was the 3000GT-VR4 I would take it but just am LS, I got to say my SC300 wins my heart
  9. Hi lexus lovers, I have a 98 SC300 and I am doing a low cost after market replacement of springs and shocks. I'm going with Tanabe Coils and KYB GR2. I was going to use new oem coil spring tub looking insulators since the car has 140k on it and I want to do the job right the first time also should I use strut bellows along with the oem insulators or should I use an after market washer looking spring insulators and the strut bellows.? Can any one give me some help here. Thanks