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  1. If you study the rear suspension with it up in the air you can see the height sensors. You may try adjusting them to lower the car. Remember to lengthen the rod to make the car think it is higher and it should compensate and lower the car. Also, to keep it even I would count the number of turns and do both sides the same.
  2. I would not buy another Lexus with air suspension. They are great until out of warranty and then turn into an expensive nighmare!
  3. Hi, I can help with your air shock question: I have a 94 LS400 and have also had to replace the air shocks (I am on my third set). They start by going down after sitting and get worse over time. You have some choices. The OEM dealer struts are over $1000 each plus labor. A better choice is Arnott Inc. They sell reman air struts that are guaranteed for life ($350 each for rear and $399 for fronts). They also sell new Bilstein air shock conversions with a lifetime warranty. These are currently only available for the front. Your last choice is a complete coil over conversion, but you will loose that supple ride. The rears are a bit of a job to install. You will need to remove the back seat to get at the upper mounts. The air line connections are inside the trunk. The real problem is the bolts on the bottom usually have some corosion and require a good air gun and/or a torch to remove. Oh, you might try selecting the higher height mode 5 min before you park the car (or just leave it in high all the time). This may get you by for a few more months. Link: http://www.arnottindustries.com/part_LEXUS...yid7_pid65.html Best of luck!
  4. I have replaced the power steering pump on my 94 LS400 three times. The original went out and then the replacements were short lived. There is a bolt on the very bottom that you access from under the car with the belly pan off. There is also a hidden bolt. If you are facing the pump from the front of the car, it is on the right side of the pump and buried. You will need to remove the pump pulley and use an extension to get to it. Very difficult to see the first time. Look at the new replacement pump to get a feel for where it is located. Also, make sure you use Dextron and not std power steering fluid in the system. Best of luck!
  5. Hi, I have a 94 LS400 with air shocks/struts also. If you replace the shocks with coil overs, you should replace all 4 and pull the fuse to the pump. An alternative to the coil overs is Arnott Inc rebuilt OEM struts, or they also have a new Bilstein air strut replacement. Both have a lifetime warranty and are very good quality. The problem you have now with the rear lines hanging loose is the system is trying to pump up pressure in relationship to the height sensors. You can try to plug the two rear air lines, or possibly remove the height sensor rods on the rear and extend them all the way fooling the system into thinking they are pumped up. Best of luck! http://www.arnottindustries.com/part_LEXUS...yid7_pid65.html
  6. Mine acted very simular. Turned out there was a small crack in the left rear air shock. Would work sometimes, and not others. I purchased two new rear air struts from Arnott Industries. http://www.arnottindustries.com/products/index.asp Toll Free 1-800-251-8993 Local 321-868-3016 (Cape Canaveral, FL) LOTS cheaper than Lexus ($350) and they have a lifetime guarantee! Vito
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