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  1. I would recommend the Yokohama YK580. Low rolling resistance and long life combined with good steering response. Replaced a set on my wife's Toyota and the difference was immediately noticeable over the Bridgestones she had.
  2. Jim, Yep, I had to replace my start up battery at 43K. I've found a solution for the trickle charger problem. Go to your local Harley dealer and buy their electronic battery maintainer for $50. It has a pigtail you can attach permanently to the battery posts and then you can plug the charger into the pigtail when needed without having to remove the battery cover. This charger detects the battery voltage and will charge at 2 amps until the battery reaches full charge. Then it shuts off and goes to standby and waits for the battery voltage to drop and then it turns on and recharges. This electronic charger is perfectly safe for electronics as it was designed for the new Harleys with electronic ignitions and fuel injection. Works like a charm. Regards, Luke
  3. I also just turned 50 k on my RX400h and bought a 4 year 48K mile extension on a Premium Warranty from my Credit Union. Cost was $1022. That was less than half of what was available from Lexus and outside vendors. It's a $100 deductible per incident and if I don't use it I get over half back after 4 years. Check with your credit union.
  4. Rich, Since the 2007 RX 400 has a cassette player the cassette adapter is an easy fix and produces high quality sound. I'd try that first, before modifying the radio. Luke
  5. Tomcan, Texaco Express Lube has a treatment for the AC evaporator that eliminates mold and odor. Surely Lexus has access to a similar evaporator fix. Nevertheless, to be getting odor at such a low mileage, may indicate a moisture drainage problem in the evaporator chamber. Good Luck.....Luke
  6. Hey send me an email as I'm unable to message you. Email is Luke
  7. The only explanation for a drop in mileage when you switch from 87 to 89 octane is perhaps the 87 is pure gasoline and the 89 octane is 10% ethanol. Ethanol is an octane booster and may appear in higher octane fuels as a result. B)
  8. My car is an '07. Maybe they chaged the aircleaner box in '08 Luke My 08 appears to have three bolts holding down the hinged cover on the box?
  9. Saw your pic and laughed. I have a 2007 RX400h and a 2010 Prius too. I love driving by the gas stations....Regards, Luke B)
  10. There are 4 simple lever clips on the Air Cleaner box. 2 on top and 2 on the bottom. Simply release these and the intake cover will slide back about 4 inches. After replacing the filter you must make sure the cover is aligned perfectly or you won't be able to get the clips tp grab. Changed my first air cleaner 2 days ago for the first time and it took me about 3 minutes because I had to wiggle the cover a couple of times to get it seated properly. Regards, Luke B)
  11. Have you noticed your hybrid(Toyota) making unusual sounds after it is parked. Guess what! The Toyota Hybrid system has a thermos storage system that pumps hot antifreeze into an insulated (Thermos style) storage tank that keeps the fluid hot for up to 8 hours. When you restart your Hybrid, say maybe 2 hours later the pump pumps the hot antifreeze back into the radiator so you have almost instant warm up of the gas engine. I guess a block heater would help for an overnight park but short (under 4 hours) of parking probably wouldn't need a heater. B) Luke The Prius is about 50-50 city highway, most of the time with a car pool person. By the way, for Cold weather driving? Get yourself an Electric Block Heater (EBH), you'll never regret it. The EBH install isn't so complicated that you can't do it yourself, with limited tools & mechanicle skills. If you have decent skills you can knock it out in less than 2 hours. They'll REALLY boost your mpg's in the winter, especially on short trips, like when your average trips are under 10-15 minutes. Plus, the EBH will let your cabin heater come on extra quick as an added benefit. Nice on those sub ZERO days!! They're only $70 or so from Toyota (interchangeable with the Hy-Hi SUV) Dealer, and on line maybe a little less. Put it on a timer for maybe 90 minutes before your trip starts & you're good to go. Enjoy
  12. My 3.3 seems to run fine on Regular 87 or premium 93 gas. Has anybody ran a test to see if using Premium in the RX engines improves mileage?
  13. I just installed a K&N in my RX400H and I haven't had it long enough to see any mileage change. I did however have one installed in my old SUV and I did notice better throttle response(Seemed like more power off the line) and a small improvement in mileage(1 to 2 MPG). Best thing is I can clean the filter with dish soap, then reoil it and never spend another cent on replacement paper filters.