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  1. Thx dcfish and turbogs300. But can anyone tell me where else i can get the pump and the strut bar?
  2. Front. No brand preference but has to have good quality, of course lighter and harder is better. Under $200. Thx. I know Cusco has some good ones, but don't know where to get one.
  3. hey guys, I was told by my Lexus dealer that my GS's water pump needed to be replaced. And the price they told me was like $1100 including change of timing belt + labor. And that's after I spent 1 grand for the 60k maintainence service. So can your guys tell me where I can get a new water pump? any websites? Oh yeah, I am looking for a strut bar too, but it's kinda hard to find one nowadays, please give me some ideas where i can find one. Thank you.
  4. Thanks Neo! Coupel more questions: 1. can a STB that fits in a IS300 also fit into my 99 GS300, which doesn't come with engine cover? 2. Is it hard to play around with the Apexi S-AFC? If anyone of you is using it, plx tell me how to do it. I can get it for like $300 with shipping. 3. Does the IS 300's SRT intake share the same fitment for my GS? Thank you! :)
  5. Thanks Black Window GS300 (BWG), Neo and Big 400. BWG, your info and advice were really helpful, same to Neo. Your guys' experiences and professionalism give me a better understanding of modifications as well as choosing the rights parts for my GS. Hahahah, I really appreciate Neo for sending me the exhaust competition link, so I could get a chance to compare diff. exhausts. I really like the Apexi World Sport one, the sound was so deep, not the high pitch kind, which I think really fits the GS stereotype. I really have to thank BWG, I couldn't find better price for the Apexi WS other than the surpastore.com. It was quite a bargain, $500 + $30 shipping. However, one concern is, the exhausts sounded really good in a GS4xx in the exhaust competition, but will there be a big difference on my GS3 and will the WS make my GS lose a lot of low end torgue (after installing SRT intake or the Apexi set up). But if there is no huge sound difference or my GS slows down like those civic with big pipes, then the apexi WS is my choice!!! :) According to BWG, the apexi S-AFCII and turbo timer combination seem more attractive than the SRT intake, which something that I was determined to get at first. The Apexi set up seems have more flexibility and potential. I need further information for that though, so guys plx tell me what you think of the two options. Another thing, I think I will probably get the Injen intake if i go for the Apexi set up, I'd rather starve for three days or work at a strip club to get that additional for a better intake, always high quality. :D Time for Strut bar, I just wonder if strut bars that fit the IS will fit on my GS. Another thing, for the CUSCO STB, I can get it for like $210 exluding shipping from http://www.upgrademotoring.com/suspension/...tbar_toyota.htm. Let me do the math: Apexi WS: 530 SRT: $525 or Apexi set up: $525 + injen intake: $220 (App) STB: $230 Labor: I guess $150 TOTAL: $ 1435 ---- $1655. With 2k, I probably will have 400 or 500 left, I probably will buy spring or a front lip for the rest of the money. Up to this point, I can see that with only $2k, it can make some significant diff on my STOCK GS, and I really need to thank your guys. BWG, I don't think $400 bucks is enough for the Nitrous kit, maybe after I save some money, then I will go for it since you made me feel confident that it was safe and fast. Pplx tell me where I should go for the Apexi parts, and is it noisy for the Apexi combo, what intake you use? THANK you so much!!! Sorry guys, wrote so long, yeah got too many questions, but plx share your insight, wisdom, experiences .... HERE! Thank you! P.S. Downpipe, what you think guys?
  6. Thanks Monstarr and Black Widow for giving out advice, I really appreciate it :D . I think I am set with the SRT intake since it seems the most popular one among the GS owners here. So now the questions lie on the exhausts and strut bar, which are commonly installed in YOUR GUYS' GSsssss. SO tell me what exhausts i should choose, something not too loud but effective, practical and of course look nice. How are Blitz's exhausts? What brand of strut bar I should choose, or just buy a OK one? Tell me guys. Thank you! :whistles: ;)
  7. The GS series are good, and I have a GS300, it's a nice car, good quality built, smooth and quiet, typical Lexus characteristics. However, since you have a 330ci, which I consider a fast car. I don't think it's a good idea you pick the GS300 unless you plan to turbocharge it or do a engine swap from the Supra, b/c it is heavy and the output from the NA Inline 6 is only 220 hps. I haven't had a chance to try the TL or 540i yet, but I was in my friend's 540i b/4 and I have driven a GS400, which is quite similiar to the GS430. The TL looks awesome to me, and the price is competitive too, but it's a FWD, something that I really care about. RWD has more fun to play around with it. Both the GS430 and 540i will hit 60mph in the 5 seconds range, which is amazingly fast for their size. The price of 540i should be higher than the GS430 for the same year, quality wise, I think the GS is better, but performence wise, the 540i will stick out, espeically the suspension part. Another thing, all the GS are automatic (Tiptronic), I am not sure if that bothers you. You can always choose stick for Bimmers, which is quite nice, espeically to Enthusiasts. It's really hard to pick one out of the three overall speaking. The GS has been the "10 Best" for three yrs (98-00), and the 5 series have been in the top spot for a decade, and the TL was rated as 10 Best too. (C&D) And I think you are wise not choosing the G35 sedan, which I don't think it is in the same class with the other cars. Handling: 540i Speed: All 3 of them. Comfort: Not quite sure, I will go for the GS4. Brand Name Effect: BMW and LEXUS. Appearance: GS (Look at the front, the lights) Potential: GS300 (TWIN Turbos) Conclusion: If you can afford a brand new TL, I will strongly recommend the latest Bimmer 545i by paying a few grands more. You won't regret having a 545i. Hope it helps you
  8. Thanks Neo again, what you said was really helpful, and I will take consideration of the suspension and coilovers set up. I need to make something clear since I seemed misleading some ppl. I do know GS is heavy as hell, and without a turbo or a V8, it won't go THAT fast. I just want to push the potential of the NA I6, and what I am hoping is my GS can at least catch the Maximas and pass the 530i. Neo, you said you had intake and exhausts in your GS, so what you got for those and what you recommend? My plan is, I want to get intake, exhausts and strut bar first, then lower it with coilovers (probably), last but not least change the front bumber and of course a set of 18' rims. Basiclly I am shooting for intake, exhausts and strut bar now. I just looked for strut bar on ebay, do you think it is worthy to pay $280 for CUSCO's strut bar? (I am not familiar with CUSCO). For the SRT intake, can I install it by myself? Thank you!
  9. Thanks Neo and Omegagavin. I hope your guys can tell me a little bit more. I am not into extior mod. right now, b/c I want my GS to be a fast car first, not simplly a show car with only body kits but nothing under the hood. I am looking for things that are practical and with qualitiy. With only 2 grands, I know I won't be able to buy lots of parts, but I don't want to waste my money on low-quality parts. So quality goes first here, and quantity comes later. I wanna get things that will improve hps or torques as well as handling, like intake, exhaust, strut bar.... Please give me some recommendations and advice on those parts (THINGS THAT ARE NOT HARD TO INSTALL, NO MONEY FOR LABOR :cries: ). And please tell me where to get them, I've already known lexitasy.com, L-tuned, but I need somewhere that has LOWER price for my "BUDGET". Is SRT's intake the best choice for my GS 300, can I install it by myself? Are there any alternative choices, like Injen's? What are some good exhausts (NOT TOO Loud, but can significantly improve hps) HKS? Where I can get good quality strut bar (Light one)? I am only a newbie to mod., but I want my GS to be fast among those Bimmers on campus. Plx give me some advices, thank you very much!!! I am proud to drive a GS!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Anyone from San Diego area?
  10. Hello everyone, this is my first post in the forum. I really like the forum, people shared their experiences with others, and I've learned a lot from them. I hope it will continue to be that way. I am currently a college student and I've been driving my dad's GS for a year or so, and he just offcially gave the car to me recenly. I want to do some modifications to my beloved GS, but due to budget limit, I only have $2k so far. I know lots of you have mod. their cars, so please give me some suggestions and advices about what are some of the good modifications I can do with only 2 grands. Thank you. P.S. I've installed a K&N filter, but I am looking for a intake and exhaust. Can SRT's intake increase 30 hps? How about Injen's?
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