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  1. Retired and bought a Lexus. Here are some things to look out for: If you are you going to travel, Lexus service is very limited outside of big city area. We bought a Lexus in Thousand Oaks, Cal. They would come to our home in Malibu, about 18 miles away, and pick up the car. They would deliver it when service was completed. However, now that we spend half our time in Pennsylvania and the other half in an area about 120 miles north of Phoenix, the nearest dealers are 1 ½ and 2 hours away respectively. Because the car was purchased in Cal. there is no courtesy pickup other than from the dealer who sold us the vehicle. Now we are faced with driving times that are considerable, especially when it is necessary to leave the automobile overnight. Thus to bring the car in, leave it overnight and pick it up a day or two later when the problem has been corrected required six hours of driving time. So before you buy a Lexus consider that if you are retired and traveling, service could be a BIG problem