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  1. Yea your doors when u take off the door panel there is a thick price of s surrounding the the entire door held on by windshield tape .thisvkeeps sound out and sound in .it also keeps the water from getting on the back of the door.panels .( this plastic is very very important .they at prob through it away .I got rid of my plaStic in my sc400 BUT I replaced it with dyna mat sound proofing WOW!!!!!
  2. It was one of your coils trust me u have two if one his bad it controls 2 cyls on the right side and 2 on the left makes both cats get red and vehicle runs like *BLEEP* can't go past 25mph
  3. How to installt a after market radio
  4. the exhaust pipe between the two fronts and the back cat could be stopped up too.(this is most likely your problem) Its not your timing should take it to another shop( they shouldn't be near a car if thats what they are saying):chairshot: If your car had "jumped time" you would have a very apparent "missfire'' thru the entire RPM range(from idle to redline) i