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  1. Well I finally figured it out. After you hit the button on the back of the garage door opener, you must use the remote to program the Homelink, as published. The kicker is once you do that step, you must hit the HomeLink button 3 TIMES to have it accept the code. Hope this helps anyone else with the same problem.
  2. 2001 GS300. I've read and done everything in the manual to get my Homelink Garage door buttons 1-3 to program to my garage door openers. Everything I try fails! Any help? Thanks.
  3. Thank you all. I received a quote for $750.00 from my mechanic and $1200.00 from the dealership! I wonder who I'll go with!! Thanks again.
  4. Does anyone have a good estimate at what I will be looking at in regard to total cost, to have the timing belt and water pump replaced? Also, if anyone has any good advice on addtional items to change out during this process, I'm all ears.
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