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  1. Thanks for your reply. I never got a source for a printed list of commands. I did use the Help screen but it is not user friendly or accurate. I would love to get a print out of all the voice commands for my system. Seems strange that it is not available and that no one at Lexus cares? Since the system is useless when you are moving unless you use the voice commands it's frustrating not to know what commands work. I have been able to enter an address with voice commands but it would be faster keying in the information. Thank you much for your reply.
  2. The dealer was not helpful in showing me the voice recognition system or offering me a source for written instructions. The owners manual is terribly written/organized and has very few instructions. The help command in the system is frustrating to no end. Does anyone know where I can find a written menu of voice commands that i can use in my 07 GS?
  3. I have a 2007 AWD GS 350 in the Northeast. I would describe the ride as harsh for a luxury "sports" sedan. After I replaced the Dunlop run flats with Pilot Alpin P3s on 17 inch rims for the winter the ride got much better. Still I can't say that it's as good as I expected. I've only notice one dashboard squeak in very cold weather.
  4. For my '07 GS 350 27 highway 22 city overall about 25 - 26, I do a lot of highway driving
  5. I have a 07 GS350 AWD with the Adaptive Lighting System. The headlights shake when I drive over expansion joints, pot holes and almost any rough pavement. Living in New England these conditions are found on every road. I have the original Dunlop RF tire which I believe is part of my problem. Dealer says every thing is fine. Turing off the system makes no difference. I haven't experience headlight shake since driving a rusted out Volvo in college! Has anyone else experienced this? Will different tires help? Any other suggestions? <_<