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  1. Try irontoad.com. Good prices and quick delivery.
  2. Several comments have been made about never mixing red and green coolant. What happens if you do?
  3. I have 16 inch '98 LS wheels with 225x60 tires on my '91 LS. They work fine. The speedometer is 5 mph slow (checked by GPS) at almost any speed and the odo is 5% slow. Mike
  4. My '91 LS400 has 1998 16" wheels on it. I checked the speedometer and odometer with a GPS unit. The speedo reads 5 mph slow and the odo reads 4.7% low. I don't know if recalibration is a big deal or not. Anyone know? Mike
  5. Thanks for the repies. Since I don't have the original 15" wheels and tires on my '91 what's posted in the glove box may not be correct. The 16" wheels and 225/60/16 tires may require a different pressure. I will go with 30 unless someone tells me different. Thanks for your help. Mike
  6. Hey gang, I just bought a 91 LS400 with '98 wheels and 225-60-16 tires. What air presure should I run? Would it be the same as a '93 and up, what ever that is. Thanks for the help. Mike
  7. Thanks. Bought it at Lexus today.
  8. I have a 1991 LS 400. The transmission sometimes shifts from first to third when accelerating from a stop. Don't have any idea when the trans was serviced last. I plan to change the filter and the fluid in the pan. The owners manual says to use trans. fluid type T-II. Can't find it anywhere. Is there an equivalent type? Thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I do not have air suspension. Any suggestions on brand of replacement shocks other than OEMs?
  10. I just bought a 1991 LS400 with 187,000 on the odometer. The rear shocks or struts seem a bit weak. Is the replacement something that can be done by a shade tree mechanic like me? Has anyone had experience with different brands of replacement shocks? Are Monroe SensaMatics any good for this application? I appreciate any insight you can give me. Thanks.
  11. How difficult is it to replace the rear shocks or struts (which is it?) on a 1991 LS400? What brand is recommended? Thanks for your help.