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  1. That's an amazing car. Wish we had it stateside. How did you like the Evo? I had an VIII and am currently driving a IX.
  2. Actually my 07 NISMO 350z has passed MANY Porches easily on the track. And I had street tires while they had slicks. Don't under estimate the Z. That's driver not car. I'll take a 911 GT3 to your Gizmo any day. Thanks guys, as for the Z poster. My wife and I both use to have Z's hence the poster. Now's she's driving the GS and I have an Evo IX. I keep the poster up for garage art, now.
  3. I'm about to get it lowered but here's how she looks currently.
  4. My neighbor has 22's on his GS300. Everything is stock with the suspension, but he rubs like crazy. He hasn't rolled his rear fenders either, and when he turns his wheels all the way in one direction it rubs as well. Trust me 22's are too big on the GS in my opinion. My 2 cents, 20's are the max after that it's gonna look DONK. Unless that's the look your going for, then go for it!!
  5. I put some new wheels on my GS 300. They are Lexani LSS 10 20x8.5 front 20x10 rear. What do you think?
  6. Thanks guys, glad to be part of the Lexus Club. I think I'll put some nice wheels on her, maybe a subtle drop and drive her till the wheels fall off.
  7. Just wanted to introduce myself. My wife and I got a pre-owned certified 03 GS300 on Tuesday. I don't have any good pic's yet, just the ones from the dealership. Anyway we got a good deal on it and the car is pretty clean. Here's some pics. Can anyone recommend a good place where I can get some good accessories?
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