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  1. Yes. The site I went on (CarId) asked for the color code or they have a pop-up that lists colors and color codes. Mine matched perfectly. Bartkat recommended a site that has better prices and I'm sure the color coding is the same.
  2. Here's some pics. I'll try and take better ones tomorrow. I think I messed up the passenger side, it's a little crooked. Oh well!
  3. Hey, go with BARTKAT's site. I just pulled it up and the CarId site. You'll get a better price going with his site recommendation.
  4. On CarId they're lumped in with the spoilers. Try this link: I have yet to apply the moldings. I have to wash and wax first. Natroth, maybe I'll wait till you do it and then let me know how you like them ;)
  5. I may do it this weekend. I'm still a little hesitant. I've had the molding for 2 weeks. I'll post pics when/if I do it.
  6. Just wondering if anyone out there has put on any bodyside molding. I bought a set from CarId that pre-cut and painted to match, but I have not put them on yet.
  7. Thanks everyone for your help! I'm going in on Saturday to get the clear mask put on plus headlamp protection. It should all run me just under $600 (before taxes).
  8. Thanks! They did just want to know for the front spoiler. I guess for the x package there's more to cover.
  9. Okay, maybe a simple a question. I'm in the process of getting a clear bra put on my car and one of the questions is do I have the "x package." I've attached a picture of my car. Can anyone tell me if I have the x package from this picture? Thanks in advance!
  10. Does anyone out there have a clear mask/bra? I'm thinking about getting it done, but I'm a tad bit uneasy about paying around $700 for it. Also, I can't really imagine it being "invisible" since most of the masks/bras I've read about don't cover the entire hood. Any input is appreciated :)
  11. I just wanted to join in with announcing that I recently bought a 08 IS 350. I love it! It's breakwater blue metallic with a cashmere interior. Bought it at Sewell in Dallas. It's a after deployment present to myself. And, of course I have questions, but I'll try to figure them out first. Thanks in advance for the expertise!