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  1. Hi, Guys, I m in UAE and I imported Ls400 From US. The audio unit is pioneer OEM. Only issue is that here radio chanels broadcast in even number e.g 106.2, 94.6, 87.8 etc. But in my case I can only tune 106.1, 94.5 or 94.7. I think you guys got my point. So can we change the tuning pattern. So I can get both in odd and even (.) point values. Thanks.
  2. It's fixed the fan clutch was faulty now no noise. smooth and quite love it.
  3. where can i find egr pipe in 2000ls
  4. Hi, Guys please help me in this regard I started using fully synthetic Mobil1 oil and now engine is becoming louder and louder. I chaged all the belts and also timing belt. if its fan clutch how we check it I checked with one mechanic he said all is ok. But i can hear loud engine noise while driving. I replace maf sensor. Is there any oxygen sensors help in this regard. Also power steering is ok no leaks. Car has a very power full acceleration no decrease in that. There is no leak in silensor head unit. What you guys think about that. Please help me in this regard.
  5. I had the same problem check the power to the amp some times for odd reasons amp will not get full 12v only 2 or 3 volts and there are two 12v power connectors in the amp check both I have to route new power cable all the way from head unit to the amp and since it's working perfect.
  6. So for last 5 days it's working fine like nothing happened.
  7. Thanks Steve, Guess what it worked in the morning for two hours and then stopped working again same playing dead. And I checked under the seat there was no power in any of the leads I checked by putting my negative to the body and positive to all connectors no had any power.Also I tried by moving the connectors nothing. :( Where this power comes from in the amp since I am in UAE I cannot buy anything from Ebay. Can any body give me audio setup diagram? What else I should do.
  8. Ok I just founf out that there is no power in amp under the seat and also in CD player but head unit have power so what should I check and How fuses all are ok under the hood and on driver's side what next?
  9. Thanks Steve and Lexfourcam, No It doesn't have any factory fitted mobile phone. and it happened before 2 months and after 2 days it started working again but this time it's prolonged and not working any more.
  10. Thanks Steve, I really appreciate that but friend all the fuses are ok, I checked both I don't know what's going on Head Unit have power but CD changer is not responding and No sound No hiss nothing at all. You Have any other Idea Please. Can Tune Radio Cassette also ok But no audio.
  11. Come on guys some body should know it are there any Fuses or switching relays.
  12. Hi, This is a great forum and I got a lot of replies from you guys. I really thank all of you for keeping us dummies informed. This time I have issue wiyh my audio system which is pioneer not nakamichi. Problem is that there is power in head unit but no sound I can switch between Radio and cassette only, but CD button not reponding cartridge also not coming out. Like CD player is dead. But if that is the issue why there is no error coming and also why cassette and radio not working already checked amplifier under the seat all seems ok. Is there any switching relay between head unit and CD Ch
  13. Thanks ravig292 I'll check that and replace fuel filter also.
  14. Ok so after removing the ECTS and EFI1 fuse for 1 minute car really smoothes out becomes a class of its own. I feel the smoothness and no engine noise at all. Shifting gears like butter no issues at all. Runs like a dream come true BUT it doesn't lasts long may after half an hour or 20 30 km driving it becomes same, hesitating to shift, RPM climbs and engine becomes noisy again and smoothness gone. NO ERROR CODES NOTHING AT ALL. Reset again becomes ok for a while and then same again I dont know what to replace PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASE help me guys.
  15. Car is not throwing any error codes Replaced MAF sensor TPS sensor ok Tranny shift sensor left what you guys suggest
  16. ok thanks lexfourcam I'll come back to update what we found
  17. Same is in my case only my car is 2000ls where there is no OD button to engage or disengage and don't know the problem yet
  18. It sometimes skip gears also I don't know whats going on no error or check engine coming on or any error codes
  19. I don't see any thing wrong with the car except some under cover bolts and side fender which can be fixed easily. 5000$ I think some bird rights group put heavy fine on you
  20. ok then better I cross my fingers and see what comes next because we are not sure what might be the problem.
  21. Thanks No it's not showing any check engine errors. But where is that solenoid in tranny may be I'll let it checked. And it's not skipping any gears but takes longer to shift in low speeds. I suspect OD as you explained before where I can check OD issue.
  22. Thanks 1990Ls400 But the problem is that tranny takes some time to shift to next gear and RPM climbs but it only happens when i m driving slow like in traffic jams( bt 10 to 60Km/H) But on highway it's ok
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