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    dont you guys have ebay up there?? Front Lower Control Arm RH RF Passenger Side for 95-00 Lexus LS400 Brand New 39.95 free shipping ? UK? 95-2000 ALL THE SAME
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    We don't currently have Lexus vehicles but I've bought navigation updates for our Toyotas numerous time with a 15% discount coupon from the Costco Auto Program at a participating Toyota dealership. It should be the same if you have a Costco membership and Lexus dealership near you participates in the Costco Auto Program. If you can do that, it would at least reduce the cost down to $178.50 not including tax. The fall 2018 update should be PT219-GEN08-18. Here is a link to a video that shows how a 2015 GS350 owner updated his navigation system with a micro SD card:
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    Just got the car, haven't had it 12 yrs. Thanks for the info!
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    The LX470 suspension is rough but nothing like "beating to death". This is having 3 different brands of tires what is most likely causing a bumpy ride. This is also a huge safety issue. In my region, we've recently had a driver who died as he was driving at circa 60mph, had to make a sudden maneuver but was unable to retain control of a car due to different tire threads and their different level of wear and tear. He smashed into a truck and died. Not ideally, but you can still have front/rear tires of a different thread pattern/wear and tear, however, both of the front tires should have the same pattern/wear and tear and both of the rear tires should have the same pattern/wear and tear (and you'd put the most worn tires on the rear axle). Ideally, all four tires should be the same. Other things which may cause a bumpy ride are: - dirt on the wheel disks. Not your case (having driven 300 miles, the dirt must have gone away); - a wrong wheel alignment. Best to perform a wheel alignment once a year.
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    I had a 1996, 2004, 2006 and now 2015.... there is no way that beating you to death is normal. If all the mechahicals are good then that leaves the tires. Trust me on the tires, get Michelin it you want a good ride. You get what you pay for and the other brands WILL impact ride quality.
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    I would highly suggest replacing the tires so they're all the same. Tires can have a big affect on the ride. Having 3 different brands with 3 different tread patterns is not good and is certainly contributing/causing the problem. Yes, the LX470 is a truck and won't ride like a sedan, but it shouldn't "beat you to death." Good luck!
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    sha4000, you are correct, the engine is turning but will not start. I did not hear any spark. No codes were read. I show the picture above because I was not sure (at the time) if I installed them correctly. I later found out that the instruction on Lexls was incorrect. The contact points (wire) should be at the yellow arrows (not at the opposite position as shown in the picture below). After fixing the errors, my car is running normal now. If I had taken pictures of the distributor rotors when taking them off, I would not have any issue. The positive outcome from this is I feel more confident with timing belt work since it is more straight forward. Thank you for getting back to me.
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    Did you make sure that the cam and crank sensors are plugged in? When you say " Does not crank " what do you actually mean? Is the engine turning but just will not start? Lastly are there any codes?
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    Use your hand to pound on top of the instrument cluster will do the trick. It happened to my 96 two years ago. After pounding three or four times every few days in the morning, the problem went away, don't know when it will come back but that was a temporary fix.
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    this man can fixit for you jimlwalker@sbcglobal.net
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    It could be a good opportunity if you really want an LS 500 and especially if you plan to keep it a long time. You might be able to negotiate a even lower price based on the vehicle's history. I read recently that there are still a lot of unsold new 2018 LS 500's so the market for them is apparently very soft. Other than its run-flat tires and no spare tire, my main problem with the LS 500 is the shrinking interior which now has a volume within a tenth of a cubic foot of the space of a 2019 Toyota Camry with its optional moonroof. The Camry we rented 6 weeks ago was actually roomier than an LS 500 since the rental Camry didn't have a moonroof. Of course, Toyota/Lexus is too ashamed of it to publish interior volume dimensions for the LS 500 so it's necessary to go elsewhere to find them: https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/lexus/ls/2018/specs/ls-awd-398085 Lexus LS 500 - Passenger Volume (cu. ft.): 99.4 Toyota Camry (with moonroof) - 99.3 cu. ft. per https://www.toyota.com/content/ebrochure/2019/camry_ebrochure.pdf I know the luxury sedan market has shrunk due to the flight to SUV's but I never expected the Lexus LS interior to shrink.
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