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    HOMELINK FAQ Many have questions on how to program the Homelink buttons. It is in the owner's manual but sometimes it may be confusing to understand the terminology. I've summarized what the manual states, and hopefully this will help anyone in the future (as I have in the past already hehe) "Ok. Delete the codes in the homelink then try this. (To delete, hold down the first and third buttons at the same time, hold for about 30-60 seconds till the light blinks really fast. Release and check if deleted if the light blinks at a slow but steady pace. That means there's nothing stored on that button) Hold down the garage door button and the homelink button u want programmed. Once the light changes from a slow blinking light to a rapid blinking light, release both buttons. Then go to the garage door openner and (this is different for all garage door openners) push the "learn" button ONCE. Within 30 secs, press the same button u programmed 3 times, and it should work." The reset button is the "learn" button on the motor if it's a rolling code unit. I forgot to mention that if your garage door opener is NOT a rolling code, to ignore the last steps after you get the light (when the homelink button is empty) blinking from slow to a rapid blink.
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    This thread contains links to other threads which contain the answers to those questions which are frequently asked about the Lexus GX range. Only the forum moderators may add to this thread - if you feel a question should be included in this FAQ, please contact a moderator.

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