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  1. It's not lifter noise. All FI cars I have seen have it (cheap or expensive). It is simply a matter of the ignition computer modifying the timing and firing the injectors for maximum fuel flow. Since the incoming air is cold, fuel will not atomize as well as it would with warm air. To compensate for this, the fuel mixture is enrichened. The atomization rate is still reduced, but since there is more fuel, enough atomizes to allow the engine to start and run smoothly. In carbureted engines, this is accomplished with a choke. In TBI engines, a cold-start injector is sometimes used. In MPF
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  2. I own a 2010 Lexus RX350 with approx 20,000KM and have similar valve lifters' noise problem when the engine cold. I have been driving for about 55 years now and this problem was very prevelant in motors some 25 years ago but I mistakenly thought technology had overcome it. Over the past several years I have owned cheaper vehicles (mainly Honda) and never encountered such engine noise. I agree Lexus must do more than pay lip service to resolving this issue. I would like to see a ground swell of complaints on this matter, which is most annoying especially for those of us living in cooler climes.
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