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    Did you ever found out what was causing the issue?
  3. Check your transmission fluid. It might need to be changed or the fluid level might be too low.
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  5. My mechanic informs me that the hydraulic motor control valve/solenoid for the hydraulic motor vane pump assembly on my '99 SC400 has failed. The solenoid and the pump itself have been discontinued and are not available anywhere we've searched. I contacted Lexus dealers and Lexus corporate and they were of no help. We contacted wrecking yards and searched wrecking yards online, and nobody is familiar with these parts. They aren't even listed in the yards' online parts lists. Nothing on EBay. The mechanic states that the car is basically useless without this system to cool the engine. This is a beautiful car with only 73,000 original miles! I would hate to lose it for want of this part. Any and all suggestions are very welcome. Thank you.
  6. LOL, this is the ! "US" as in United States. Japanese market cars are not allowed in the U.S. except after they are at least 25 years old and have been modified to meet U.S. standards. They can be imported to Canada but only if they are at least 15 years old. Where are you located? People using this forum are expected to be in the U.S. or Canada or at least have U.S. market or Canadian market cars if they live somewhere else. I wouldn't have any idea what features are available on a Japanese market IS and I doubt that anyone else on this forum would. Japanese market imports are pretty common in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Consider asking your question on the UK forum: There's even a "Lexus Japanese Import Club" sub-forum there.
  7. Hi Jim The japanese lady would speak on start up and when parking sensors beeped as well (in japanese) but I managed to find settings to disable her. The piano music plays EVERY time the engine is started (video attached) at home, not at home, where ever I am so doesn't seem to be a home setting. Also does not appear to be anything to do with my phone connecting, as I turned off the bluetooth today before getting in the car and turning it on and music still played 20200813_162210.mp4 . Thank you for your suggestions Jim.
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  9. OK, I'm a little confused by your "lady who talked non-stop". Is that happening now? If so, what is she saying? You didn't answer my question about whether the 5-note music plays only when you start the engine at a particular location or if the music plays no mater where you are when you start the engine. The only "music" I'm aware of that the navigation system itself can originate and play is associated with locations - either your "Home" location or one of the "My Places" locations which are also called "Memory Points" in your navigation manual. If the music is associated with a Memory Point, then you or the dealer may have inadvertently selected one of the available "sound icons" for the memory point. If that is done, the "music" will play whenever you near or are at the memory point associated with the location. The reason I asked if the 5-note sound plays only at your "Home" location is that a sound icon can be associated with the Home location. If that was done for your Home location, the "music" (bell, chime, music box, etc.) sound will play each time the engine is started when your IS350 is at the Home location ... but it won't play when you are not at the Home location and start the engine. Information about My Places starts on page 70 of the 2007 IS350 navigation manual. How to set sound icons is on page 73. It's easier to view and search the owners and navigation manuals online. They can be viewed directly in the Owners section of or they can be downloaded to a personal computer or even a phone if you have enough storage on it. Here is a direct link to your navigation manual: Here is a direct link to your owners manual: One more idea about what could be causing the 5-note sound. Some cell phones and some cell phone applications can play a sound when the cell phone successfully connects to a vehicle Bluetooth system. For example, I have an application on my Android phone that automatically turns up the volume on my phone every time my phone connects to one of our vehicle Bluetooth systems. When it has successfully done this, the app sends an audible notification that it has done this to the vehicle audio system via Bluetooth so that the sound plays over the vehicle speakers. So ... could your cell phone or an app on it be sending a music sound to your IS350 audio system every time it establishes a Bluetooth connection.
  10. Should also say it was fine for nearly a year after I did manage to turn it off by some fluke, but she went in for service and they disconnected the battery which reset everything.
  11. Yes, 2007 IS350. I don't have a sound clip but can record it tomorrow. It happens EVERY time I start the engine. And its definitely piano. Argh, when I first got the car I managed to disable it (along with the annoying Japanese lady who talked non-stop), but now I just can't find the setting to change after many MANY attempts.
  12. This is on a 2007 IS350? Do you have a sound clip you can upload? I know that it's possible to associate a music-like sound with a location in the navigation system of many vehicles made by Toyota. Does this happen wherever you are when you start the engine or only at a specific location?
  13. Went with KYB struts, springs, etc...lost 30% of my "Cush" ride. Corners a little flatter, but for the Interstates of the day, don't you want the Cush? For my SC400, Lexus only wanted $3500 for their last set of struts...thought that unfriendly. That being said, I'd look at all options in struts. KYB's 'll work, but I fear you'll under-appreciate the ride--firm! G
  14. I looked for a couple of years at all the options out there and did not like buggy android stereo. I finally found a solution that worked for me. I had professionally installed a Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX 10.1 inch head unit. Most installer shops did not want to deal with it but I finally found one that could figure out what to do and I now have Apple CarPlay and awesome sound! I had them install Focal Expert PS 165F3 speakers in the front and Focal Expert PC 165F in the rear doors. I also had them install a 4 channel amp for the speakers. Plus I added 2 JL W3 subwoofers in a custom box in the back. The Subs are driven by a JL Slash amp. It was expensive, but this care deserves great sound. To complete the set up, I added Manicci floor mats and Eagle Eyes LED headlights.
  15. For the love of Lexus, can someone PLEASE tell me how to turn off the little 5 note piece of piano music that plays every time I start my engine?
  16. There's a lot of garbage being sold on Amazon and ebay. In my experience, any unbranded, cheap, made in or being sent from China item is to be avoided like Wuhan city. I've tried more than a few sets of those LED headlight retrofit bulbs in a few of my cars and the failure rate out of the box and a few months down the road is horrendous. I've even had cell phone charger cords and counterfeit phone and camera batteries that were DOA.
  17. Hi Guys, thought I would post an update. I DID replace both forward O2 Sensors with a couple purchased via Amazon (suspect they were "China" brand but at 40% the price of Denso items. Anyway have had 3.5 years of trouble free motoring, but "Lexy" through up a P0125 code last month 😞 Checked Thermostat, Coolant Temperature Sensor etc. and all passed good? After reading several posts on here I checked my O2 Sensor Heater voltages, Yep one was DEAD... Now put in Denso Sensors and she is running fine 😄 Remember, you get what you pay for! 😏
  18. I have a recall to reprogram the transmission on my 2019 RX 350... getting it along with the fuel pump replacement. I found out about the transmission my checking on my dealer's website. Might check yours there! Good luck...
  19. Hello. Have a 2003 ES300 with about 260k KMs (160k miles). Changed all struts with good quality "Assemblies" (Monroe type) which were already mounted on springs. Very disappointed with ride now. The old ones rode much better even after almost 18 years !!! If my mechanic hadn't thrown away the original assemblies, I would have put them back. If your springs are not broken, just have the struts changed with KYBs. Surprised at the quality of these original parts on these cars. Good luck.
  20. Looking for suggestion as to a product to use to treat the rubber strips/components that are part of the hardtop convertible opening and closing system. Thanks in advance
  21. tap just a lil tap, i wouldn't recommend hitting it
  22. I'm looking for the best 2 bike rack for my 2015 LS460. Any positive suggestions?
  23. Is it an RX350 or RX400h? It could be that this vehicle had been sitting in water for a while, but as long as the rust isn't spread throughout the entire undercarriage, and the tire seals to the wheels are good, I wouldn't worry too much about that. When I looked at a 2002 Mazda Protege for my daughter, way back in 2010, I noticed that some of its suspension bolts and components were rusty. The owner told me that he had the car in New York for a few years before driving it to San Diego, CA. Since the cost was only $5000, I bought it. Over the next 7 years, the only issue that was a result of the rust was an alignment bolt that was impossible to loosen. So as long as your alignment adjustments are possible, your minimal rust wouldn't seem to be a problem as long as my first sentence applies.
  24. Sounds like som parasitic current when sitting idle. Normally leaving a car for say 3 weeks should be fine even in winter. Though IF you run only very short errands of say a a mile or two battery may not charge to fully. Then you may have problems even if there is nothing wrong with your car. You may help with applying a charger occacionally or driving for longer trips occasionally. Being not full ages the battery though. There is a simple and better solution, Buy a AGM type battery . They are different. They typically accept charge several times faster. Often charge to full in a few minutes after start. The also self discharge less fast and stand deep diecharge better. Drawback is 70% or so higher price. Many possible reasons for parasitic current if that is what you have . Any of the door or boot or glovebox switch not shutting of light could do that . That would leave it on when it should not be. Any descent shop can measure the current draw. It may be a bit of work to find the source of the problem... A simple way to keep track in normal driving is to buy a combined , phone charger and voltage showing device for the cigarettlighter socket, 15 $ or so. That will show you battery voltage while ignition is on. Charge the battery with a charger quite full. Then you will se what voltages you get when it is full. Expect 12.5 V when you put on ignition motor off. When you have been running for a while 5 minutes or so it should go up 13.5 V or so. 0.5 V lower voltages signifies a discharged or weak battery. Unfortunately Lead batteries tollerate going flat badly . Often once or twice for a few days will work but it will age "a year" or so every time it happens.
  25. I just got my lx470. 2004 Only 105000 miles It was involved in a car wreck. Drivers front fender, bumper wheel. Had brakes, tores rotated and balance and aligned. I do hear a load roar when you get over 40mph. Gets loader as you speed up. Notice a little clicking sound by the 4Wd handle. Also clicking sound when you hit a bump. Any ideas?? Driveshaft?
  26. What would cause the EFIfuse to blow on a 2004 Lexus ES330? Here's my number 3177923726
  27. SC400 V8 1UZFE has mechanical valves. that is the ticking you hear.
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