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  2. Do you have a particular question about the code? That's a camshaft position sensor code.
  3. I did this same swap last summer. I bought the pigtail needed off ebay. The listing included it’s diagram. Then I googled the diagram for the connector for my car’s year make and model. Cut and spliced accordingly. Hope this helps.
  4. I don't know of any specific models the read airbag codes but autozone reads the codes for free so i would try them first and see what they say. Techstream can read all the ECU codes in the car if you can manage to get it running on a laptop.
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  6. Here is the code: P0763 electric shift solenoid. Mechanic told me that older, low mileage cars fluids begins to dry and become sticky due to lack of driving. Mechanic also does not recommend a tranny flush. Could cause more problems. Question, would replacing the filter help, drain 1/2 the tranny fluid and replace with a transmission additive. Or just leave well enough alone. Your Thoughts
  7. Can someone please help me! I got my ignition coil changed on my 2004 gs300 on saturday because my car was having misfires. After changing the ignition coils I tried to crank the car but it wouldn't start, we disconnected everything new and put all the old ones back on and still nothing, then I realized the alarm indicator is blinking even when the key I in the ignition and turned. I tried a locksmith and he assured me nothing is wrong with the key, PLEASE HELP ME. I've changed the fuel pump, spark plugs and also tried everything I read online about resetting the alarm and nothing works, I can activate and deactivate the alarm from my key pad but the light continues to blink and the car refuses to start
  8. Crickets.... Update: we had the windshield replaced and asked the technician to ensure a perfect seal of the surfaces. Yesterday, this nor'easter weather bomb came across our area and the vehicle was wet again... I can definitely say that water flows in between the sunroof's glass sections. Anyone has an idea why the sunroof's own draining system would leak into the car?
  9. VVT Sensor Range/Performance Problem (Bank 1) This code may not come back if cleared as it is more than likely a result of the fault itself. I would first look at the engine oil quality/quantity and rectify as necessary. After that, it would be worth checking the connections to the sensor for security and corrosion
  10. So I deleted my clutch fan with electric like your post shows to and in a month my fuse box caught on fire thanks alot guyss 🥴🥴🥴🤦‍♂️
  11. Hi I have a 1999 Lexus RX300 all wheel drive I changed the timing belt the tensioner plugs coil packs solenoids coolant solenoid timing solenoid oil control valve still rurns really bad still will not stay running constantly stalls has no power and nothing's coming up on codes for anything else that is Miss or not working please I need help I have no idea what else to do or what else it could be I have checked all of the fuel injectors throttle body what else could it be please let me know,,,, Thank you....
  12. What do you mean by "roof rack"? Cross bars? You are certainly not going to find new cross bars that will fit your ES for anywhere near $50. $200 to $500 maybe but more around the $500 mark. And that doesn't give you the components to carry anything like ski's, bikes or a cargo box. Add $100's of dollars for those. What do you want to carry? Is there anyway to squeeze inside? I hate roof racks due to the noise and the hassle. I've got 35 year old Yakima cross bars with aero roof and gutter roof mounting hardware with snow ski attachments and all the locks in storage. I don't remember what I paid for the contraption back in the mid-1980's but it's a $750 set up if I was buying it today. This crap is expensive. I bought the Yakima to fit a Honda CRX - my winter "ski car" - but they fit my Lexus LS sedans just fine. Used cross bars and accessory attachments are sometimes available on Craigslist but it's trial and error to see if they fit and even then they might not be cheap.
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  14. Greetings, So I have a 2007 Lexus LS 460 with 120,000 miles. I recently took my vehicle for service for a tire, rotation, and wheel alignment. While driving, taking my mother to a doctor's appointment, my ABS, Traction Control, and VSC warning lights all came on at once. I also felt and heard, knocking in the front of my vehicle. I arrived at the dealer, safe and sound. I dropped my vehicle off, rented a car from Enterprise. The next day I received news that I had two issues. The knocking was from the upper, and lowering control arms (front suspension) needed to be addressed asap. The dealer also notified me that the ABS, Traction Control, and VSC warning lights were due to a faulty abs actuator and brake actuator. Well, the suspension work was $3589, and the ABS work was $2,580. I did some research, and apparently, both have been issues. I am genuinely blessed doing what I love, and that is serving the public as a Lieutenant with my local police department, but this much money for something the company is aware of is a hard pill to swallow. Has anyone experienced one or both cases? Codes: C1241- If there is a problem with the brake actuator assembly (Skid Control Electronic Control Unit) power supply circuit, the skid control ECU outputs the Diagnostic Trouble Code(DTC) and prohibits under the fail safe function. C1391 - Lexus Description The Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is stored if a brake fluid, internal or other leak is detected due to improper sealing in the actuator.
  15. Fixing my car the engine will not idle have a 1999 Lexus RX300 and I need help troubleshooting with and the code that came up with 1346 so I need to know what to do to get my car to run
  16. I’m looking at a ‘99 GS400 for $3k. The car has 300k miles (high enough) and the driver says he had an issue with it not starting on 2 occasions, months apart. So, my main question is, would you buy this? Is it worth it? What would you pay? Secondly, reading the forums here, I may have to replace the ECU for this intermittent starting issue? Or is this something else?
  17. Hey I had this same problem with my 2001 Lexus Gs430. My navigation screen was stuck on the opening screen when you first turn on the car it gives you a warning about looking st the screen while driving. I went under the hood and disconnected the negative from the battery for about 5 minutes. Hooked everything back up and the disk read error indicator was gone and everything was back to normal!
  18. I have a 2009 Lexus RX350 - now out of warranty. The radio was working fine but suddenly all I got was static. I couldn't use any of the controls on the radio itself but could use the steering wheel control to adjust volume and turn the radio off. Navigation seems to be working. Has anybody experienced this? It doesn't sound like a fuse or amp issue but an antenna issue maybe? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  19. I would like to get a roof rack for my 2007 es350, Looking for recommendations. When I look up "es350 roof rack" the prices are $200-500, when I just look up "roof rack" I see prices in the $50 range. Has anyone gotten a cheaper roof rack and had issues with installation/durability/damage to your car? Thanks!
  20. was wandering what was the next option, these people are not doing anything. They can not even return my call,
  21. Hi. I just bought a 2003 Lexus RX300 and took it to my mechanic for a full diagnostic. He told me the tool to remove security lug nuts is missing from car but even worse, some of the lug nuts were broken off and/or and couldnt be removed. Can a dealer remove tires with broken lug nuts? My mechanic couldnt.
  22. Thanks sha4000! I thought so. Last weekend, I removed the cables to power tilt motor but the Airbag light is still intermittent. It stays for a few minutes, then goes OFF. Do you know any ODB reader model than can read SRS on 96 model? I looked up some models and contacted manufactures, I was told Autel MX808 could read it but I don't want to waste time to buy and return.
  23. If I had a problem with any of ours, I'd send it to You might find other repair companies if you do an internet search. It's usually fairly easy to pull a nav head unit but I've pulled head units countless times.. If you ship it for repair, wrap it EXTREMELY well with bubble wrap. I must have used $10 of bubble wrap when I shipped a head unit a couple weeks ago but it arrived at its destination with no damage.
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